Tuesday, 30 May 2017

May 29, 2017

This week has been an absolute adventure as the time has seemed to speed up. We will miss Elder C as he goes home to France and we will say goodbye to The Elder D and Sister L from the Wrekin District! FUN NEWS MOMMA: I have been called to serve in the Preston District and Elder B has been called to Serve in the Wrekin District as the DL! We crossed paths:) It's bittersweet but we both are excited to see the progress of the Lords work. 
This week we had the wonderful opportunity to play the Guitar for the Wrekin Ward! We had a meal after church with all the church members and Elder D and I played A Child's Prayer on the Guitar! If we are lucky we will record with the Morgan's and send it next week. 
The blessings of this area are so beautiful! I will miss the ward family and the many friends we have challenged to come unto Christ. 
Fun fact - there was a Born Again Christian Conference this weekend and we had a street Display in Telford town square and I met some less active or ex members. So sad to see someone feel like they have lost their faith in modern prophets. 

"President Ulrich,
The week has flown by and I cannot believe that another transfer has passed. 
I think the most important principle I learned this week is self reliance. The work goes forth in faith and if we are not all in we won't desire the success the Lord Requires. 
I learned something from our Ward Conference this last Sunday about total dedication and resilience. Usain Bolt recently announced his retirement from Athletics and when interviewed Responded to the Question "I don't like to lose" Surely the fastest man on earth has the confidence to win any race! However he clarified "MY HEART IS NO LONGER 100% and if I don't give it my all I will Fail/Lose" as I really thought about that I remembered the American Football Video about the Death Crawl. I have made a covenant to not quit on the Lord but also not to quit on my Lord and Savior
I had a discussion with an ex member recently and simply bore testimony of The Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. I was opened to the reality of the Physical and Spiritual danger of not "Practicing your faith 100%". Very soon your spiritual muscles lose their refinement and passive faith takes over. 
If we are not 100% it is not too late. The Atonement has been paid but it requires our will. We cannot have a foot in Zion and Babylon. 
I love this work and I know the adventures ahead will bring blessings and all glory shall be to Heavenly Father. 
I felt sad I wasn't able to fulfill my commitment to the Lord recently but I realized there is a danger in approaching discouragement. It is okay to sorrow for the choices of our friends but to be discouraged is to submit ourselves to the devils power. 
I have become acquainted with the extremes of the Spirit Realms and I continue to learn. It's not a perfect world but we share the Greatest Gift! 

Wrekin B Elder D is excited to be joined by Elder B! It was such a joy to hear that be announced:) He will love the area and people. The Lord has prepared this work and this area has such a brilliant future.  All I can say is I love Elder D and The Families they are working with are so wonderful. 
We invited P H for Baptism JUNE 17th but he brought up his past. We can all be clean through Christ! 
People will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Love more worry less!"
I know that there is opposition in this work but anything worth Salvation is worth sacrifice! I really do testify of these things; I have experienced such discouragement but I realized that only feeds Satan's power. It is okay to be sad sometimes but never be discouraged. We know who's side we are on and who our captain is! I love you all!
Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

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