Monday, 22 May 2017

May 22, 2017

Momma Goose,
Thank you so kindly for your email this week!
I love how it was centered on Humility and a little bit of desperation. What a glorious combination.
The Photos I attached are of our service project and the young man is T G a friend from the Wrekin ward.
We went to the park today with our District and Elder D let us use him camera so there are some fun photos. Our friends S and K M.... we love them so much and they are a miracle of faith and tracting. We ended up finding them a month ago and they have come back to church! The blessings of this gospel are so brilliant and we are grateful for the M Family~ they really have adopted us as their own.
My greatest love centers on you glorious sons and daughters of God!
The second family is The A's.  They treat us so well and they are an incredible blessing to have in our ward. At one time P was the Bishop in Italy and I have tried my Italian on him every now and then only to get a laugh ;)!
I love this work the Friends that I have made and the talents I have obtained ( Like eating with my hands... trust me its a talent) are never to be forgotten.
I Love that  Elder D and I are working hard with two families that are coming BACK to church and are working with two families who are interested in the church!
I try with all my might to never compare my efforts to anyone else whether in this mission or in any around the world.
I wanted to share a simple poem from a mission UNKNOWN.

Ode  to  A Mission 
A mission  is  a  strange  experience.  It  is  a  trial  and  a  test.   
A mission  throws  you  at  the  worst,  yet  teaches  you  the  best.   
I’ve  never been  so  happy.    I’ve  never been  so  depressed. 
I’ve  never felt  so  forsaken.   I’ve  never been  so  blessed. 
I’ve  never been  so  confused.    Things  have  never been  so clear.   
I’ve  never felt  my  Heavenly  Father so  distant.  He’s  never been  so  near.   
I’ve  never been  so  discouraged.  I’ve  never been  so  full  of hope. 
I  feel  I  could  go  on  forever.   I  think  I’ve  come  to  the  end  of my  rope. 
I’ve  never had  it  quite  so  easy.   I’ve  never  had  it  so  tough. 
Things  have  never been  so  smooth.   Things  have  never been  so  rough. 
I’ve  never traveled  more  valleys.   I’ve  never  ascended  so many  peaks.   
I’ve  never met  so  many  nice  people.   I’ve  never met  so  many freaks. 
I’ve  never had  so  many  ups.   I’ve  never had  so  many  downs. 
I’ve  never worn  so  many  smiles.  I’ve  never worn  so  many frowns. 
I’ve  never been  so  lonely.   I’ve  never had  so  many  friends.   
Boy,  I  hope  this  is  over  soon.   Wow—I hope  this  never ends

This couldn't explain my feelings more perfectly.
I love the Lord and He is the Master of this work.
Till next time,
Elder Cooperdo

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