Monday, 27 February 2017

February 27, 2017
(excerpt from letters to Mission President and Elder Cooper's family)
I have continued to learn more about the importance of keeping healthy and finding joy in the little things.
My greatest Joy this week was being able Study with intent and look for ways to use the scriptures I have read:) Also to meet so many prepared people! We recently dated our friend D H for Baptism and look forward to the 18th of March to commence with baptism. We are seeing him again on Wednesday and are keeping daily contact. We believe the key to his conversion will be the support of his extended family and also his power in sincere prayer as he overcomes his struggles. He is already very motivated to be living clean and being promised the spirit with his future covenants:) 
We are very excited to be having a baptism in this companionship as things have been difficult trying to follow Heavenly Father's will and not our own. 
The D family have been avoiding us and we are slowly focusing our efforts on family that are ready to accept the gospel. Time to harvest! 
M came to church on Sunday and he is now just trying to stay for sacrament meeting. It is hard not being able to change someone's desires, struggles or addictions. M is no longer dated for baptism and he feels that he just needs time. I myself am just praying he will see the hand of God in his life, I instead have just changed my heart. 
This transfer has honestly been so rewarding and I know it is because Heavenly Father knows and produces greater potential. I feel like Heavenly Father is bringing me to my knees everyday! Humility and charity! 

The Sabbath morning was a powerful humbling experience. In my morning studies I felt very overwhelmed with many thoughts and lack of success and I reflected what makes me a son of God and what makes me a missionary. There has been so much time spent as all missionaries do thinking about outward results and at this point in my mission I have gratitude for the inward man that is changing for better. I am grateful for the inspiration given in the harvester about receiving and recognizing revelation! I read them President I promise! This has been a very common theme in conference talks and also in blessings I have received from both Earthly and Heavenly Father(s)! I re-read my patriarchal blessing and struggle to see where things are coming to pass. Above all I am confident this where I am performing the glorious work of the eternities. I am just a man but I am following His plan! 
I learned from the Addiction Recovery program that pride is not simply arrogance or boastfulness but is actually more enmity with God. 
I have felt many times that my will was not the Father's will because of a lack of outward results or acknowledgement, however my heart has been softened and I have started true repentance! 
I really need divine help to fulfill this work and I feel so much of the weight and responsibility. I feel many times that people cannot care about how to be obedient and just want to walk around. I am here to work not to walk. 
I love you and look for opportunities to share greater love and miracles with you. 
I cannot carry these things alone and missionary work is not a single person" 

So My week in a nutshell with Elder L.
We have been trying to teach families but have had very little luck. We do no know if that is a Missionary issue or just people's agency. Still working very hard even in the midst of pain and trial.
More than anything this week we have learned to accept each others' weaknesses. I have many faults and want to improve.
Thank you for the email. I asked he mission president about the Dictaphone and he never told us yet. We see him tomorrow for interviews and I WILL  ASK! 
I will be working on better journal writing.
We are running late on so many things and I can only focus on charity and humility. I love this work but it seems to be pulling me in a whole new direction. I trust God and his work is most important. 
I have spent some very beautiful moments in the scenic parts of England and I want to return.
Maybe the winter when I return? Hahaha, Maybe we will see!
I am not making plans but I know and trust there is so much more important than my travel plans.

We are really desiring a baptism and the Lord has trust in us. We know it can happen.
We are back and forth between the 11th and 18th for D H's Baptism. He is a man that was an Investigator referral (His EX Partner) and we invited him to be baptized first lesson. He was prepared and we gave him a blessing for strength and guidance. So funny. He has already told everyone he is a Member !

The Daily notes are too funny
I was trying to keep a journal on my Ipad and it just didn't work out.
The Email is running short as I still am trying to figure out how we can group email.
I will organize a better next week!
Family always comes first!

Wrekin was incredible!
My week was very crazy and because of the Hike my body was very sore during the Monday but the next day i was fine. The most interesting part was the power of prayer! I love being able to Study and Pray!
Our Wrekin Family. Elder D Lativa, Elder P Czech Republic, Elder L Alberta!!!!
Sister E Philippines, Sister W Utah, Elder D Philippines, Elder CSpain

We had a Storm in Telford that broke a Huge tree (Goliath) Down and as you see it was a giant.
Therefore we took a picture!
Love it!


Monday, 20 February 2017

February 20, 2017

Mom and Pops 
The week has been so crazy and I am actually just going to Hike the Wrekin with the Newcastle-under-Lyme Zone! 
In the shortness of time I have attached a couple highlights from the last couple days and also Presidents letter. 
I look forward to reading your responses in the afternoon/evening but I will have to respond on dads email as we are not allowed to "chat". 
I love you and I look forward to hearing from you very soon;) 
Talk to you all a little bit later. 
I honestly am so thankful for being a missionary! Everyday feels like I am becoming a little closer to Heavenly Father. As I have progressed I have learned as we approach the divinity of Gods Light, we in turn start to see the extreme of our disobedience and sin. As many will confess being on a mission shows you your weaknesses and allows you to know how to use the Atonement! I found a talk about the atonement by Dallin H Oaks in one of the most recent conferences,(sorry my memory is rubbish now) and I invite all of you to read it:) 

8 Months Feb 15th

The Lords plan is perfect 
I was supposed to leave in May... 
if I would have left then everything would be different

Events of the day 
Star Trek wallet
Bro & Sis Thomson family History 
Ward Coordination * we left the church and went shopping for biscuits and coconut snaps.  
Being told being Canadian was ace. The cashier fell in love! Haha 
Being on exchange was so nice🏖 
Elder C from Spain he is so full of life and love! We had a great time on exchange 
I love having Elder L as my companion
Oil change spiritually
- I am thankful for the spirit in all things 
I am grateful for being in the same group as my friend and Companion Elder L
This is not a drill! The sun has risen and we are still in bed ahhh

Feb 16th 2017

Dirt jumper 
Redneck rants w/ Elder L 
The hand of the Lord in the timing of the day. 
Being able to adjust to His plan!
D M A - our Friend from Islam 
C. W. planning to go to the temple. Our recent convert in Wrekin is making some pretty sacred goals! Baptisms for the dead and Family History
Laughing all night about accents! 
Our district night was led by Elder L-Movie characters companion. I am Hammy from Over the Hedge;) He is the Lumber jack from Hoodwinked

February 17th

Elder L and I made rice and potatoes and mince for tea at 3pm very early tea
The day was a roller coaster and I am so glad to have a companion! 

Feb 18th 

The Gospel is true and our street display today was crazy. 
The JWs took the best place in the Town Centre and we lost our original spot to a guitar playing busker. (At least he was good!) We still had success...I spoke with a woman named K and also E a man from Latvia. 
K we are seeing tomorrow (Tuesday) and E decided after us talking for an hour that he wasn't interested... it broke my heart. 

Feb 19th

G's family hot chocolate and deep talks about the gospel and house renovation
Sunday was great I loved the talks given in Sacrament focusing on the Book of Mormon and Prophet Joseph Smith!
I am so thankful for your thoughts and look forward to next weeks PDay! 

image1.PNG(Later in Day)
I love all the photos thank you. 
I loved this p day so much even though it left me with five minutes to send a final letter to you all! 
The Wrekin was so crazy, we hiked up two wrong hills before finally getting the actual Hike we wanted. I am very tired and will send you an abundance of photos next Week! 

President Ulrich, 
Wrekin B Elders L and Cooper. 
Elder L and I are trying to work with the D Family and M H.
We are still finding people in small in simple ways. We actually had a street display on Saturday and I met a woman named K. She is in a multi-faith family and wants to more fully follow Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father just placed her in our path! 
She is brilliant and we look forward to seeing her tomorrow:) We talked about the Plan of Salvation and made it a priority to see her. We invited her to be baptized and she is very excited...we will see what happens tomorrow:)

This week has been pretty average. 

I feel like I am plateauing in my teaching and that scares me. I have assessed many times what to change and I know it comes down to companionship studies and role playing. The simplicity of missionary work is just to love the people. However, the natural man does not like rejection. The week has been hard trying to realize what more we can do as a companionship and how better we can organize our area book and friends. Something I have been completely humbled by is the ability to plan. I really need to repent and make my weakness a strength for I know as I turn that over to Heavenly Father He will change me; only if I am willing to work. 
Elder L and I have found many great people but they are not willing to study and know that the Book of Mormon is true. How can they deny the evidence of God's love? 
I am really struggling trying to have studies that are focused.... I have the power in my hands to make it something more than just reading.

Morning Devotionals have been of revelatory! 
We had a weekly focus this week of having more meaningful prayers. Progress is still progress no matter what speed. FAST AND FASTER! 

Love you President Ulrich. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mom! 
I am so thankful for the sacrament and the opportunity to learn and grow. 
My testimony of Joseph Smith has been challenged so many times and I am grateful for the evidence of the Book of Mormon and the Priesthood. 

Elder Cooper

Monday, 13 February 2017

February 13, 2017

Ahh Momma Goose+Fam Jam!
Is it already preparation day again!? I will be honest usually in the week we are counting days! 
I am just so grateful to have such an amazing family! I am going to try and combine all the letters into one and then extra thoughts I will email personally! 
So an update on all things:) M is just a teenager and he is actually the only one in his family investigating the church and I cannot imagine what he has gone through. Elder K and I tracted into his older brother one day as he was going out to visit a cute girl.. we have all been there... He told us to return and talk with his family and said his little brother was always wondering about our church. Referral Gold! So M! He has such a powerful past and him being in a foster family really touches my heart. He had made the decision last Sunday to only stay for the first hour and it broke my heart a little and so we fasted this week!( He missed his Baptismal date again so we are making goals!) Through the week we struggled to see him until on Thursday we taught him about our relationship with Heavenly Father and how we truly are His children. We bore testimonies of the godhead and ended up giving him a blessing for him to live the principles and commandments of the Church! He felt the spirit so strongly "up to his shoulders" and went to youth that night.. Fast forward to Sunday at church...same attitude about only staying for the sacrament meeting. We willingly accepted his agency and left the rest to the Lord. After he took the sacrament and listened to the talks he was really overpowered by the spirit.( I was sitting with our Romanian friend, M who was also at church on Sunday!) After the Meeting I spoke to M and he was almost shaking and just said "After I had that Water I was Feeling something everywhere" as we invited him to stay he was so happy and stayed for all meetings and the FOOD afterwards. I think he ate more than even me! Miracles of mighty prayer and fasting ... 3 Nephi 27:1

Thank you all for the update on young "Jack Jack" I love everyone's little stories and insights to Simba's life! I am so thankful every one is healthy.
These letters this week have really opened my heart to LOVE! It was something I thought I had strength in before my mission and now Heavenly Father is just refining it into Charity. I love the mission field so much and I remember looking back on the MTC and thinking about the change that has come about since then. The Lord's work full of consecration and sanctification is a glimpse and we are proving faithful for covenants of Eternity.
I feel bad some times because time is so precious however getting lost in the work is a REAL thing even especially when it is hard and your companions hardships try and test both of you. I am thankful for allowing this mission to make me into a better Husband and Father. The missionaries are the leaders of the church and their (FUTURE) posterity is going to be born into a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. Zonks Scoob

Something really special about our week was a Mormon message "He will give you help" I just felt the spirit so powerfully because I know everyone in that video. Even the Love of the Savior!

I love you all so very much and share this with everyone because I alone am just a man but with God and his family we can do his will! 
Your loving Son,

Elder Cooper  
Inline image 1
This was Elder K's Package to Denmark that we ended up sending for him... so much to send!
Inline image 2
Funny Story! NIce Form fitting Jacket! LOVE IT
Inline image 5
Yours Truly The Canadian Dream Team
Inline image 4
Straight and Narrow!
Inline image 3

Monday, 6 February 2017

February 6, 2017

Just because the week has been crazy and the district is having a Preparation Day together I will send you my letter to President and explain my love and feelings in my letter to Father:) 
I will send him the Pictures! 
This week with Elder L was an adventure! I loved it:) 
President Ulrich, 
The week has already passed and Elder L and I are getting on so well! We are really focusing on making lasting changes in the lives of those we teach and especially each other. I am starting to realize just how much a mission impacts this mortality. 
Every decision we make on a mission is a reflection of our attitude towards the power God has trusted us with and also the diligence and exactness to the commandments of our loving Heavenly Father. What a day for change. 
There is no time like "this moment" , in "this moment" we decide the action but when it passes nothing can be changed. This moment is the most important for as in the scriptures it says "the morrow will take care of the things of itself" (Matt 6:33-34)
Just as Elder Jeffery R Holland states "Please remember tomorrow, and all the days after that, that the Lord blesses those who want to improve, who accept the need for commandments and try to keep them, who cherish Christlike virtues and strive to the best of their ability to acquire them. If you stumble in that pursuit, so does everyone; the Savior is there to help you keep going. If you fall, summon His strength." This has started to become very real to me! In the very moment of fear and loss or discouragement I have been able to call out for help. Those simple miracles have become stepping stones to greater motivation and success:)
In my past companionships I have always felt I must be the "positive one". The companion who is always peppy and excited and I must say it is exhausting sometimes. However something changed when my desire and need to appear happy was converted into bringing others true joy. 
"They will not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care!" 
Transitioning from the what Elder L and Cooper want and need TO what the Lord truly needs and wants us to fulfil. 
I love this work and I am thankful for the strength it brings me. Even when England is cold and dreary I am able to testify of pure doctrine and MY needs are insignificant. The promise of energy and able-bodiedness is true and I have experienced the change of being joyful in suffering. Even if the rains come down, the truth will prevail! 

I am so glad we were able to travel safely from the MLC this last week! Sister W is doing so much better driving in England and there is much prayer every time they drive together. 
Elder L and Cooper are working hard with some very interested FAMILIES! President we are so excited as we are trying our best to invite these brilliant children of Heavenly Father to partake in the goodness of the Gospel! The D Family is so promising. Their son R has been reading the Book of Mormon and is in Helaman since last week. They have been reading so well and we have invited their family to be baptized! Miracles! S(Father) is looking forward to talking about the priesthood and we promised him that when R(7) turns 8 in less than 20 days that he will be able to baptize her. Search the scriptures for they heal the soul and lead to peace and protection. We are waiting for the Children's Book of Mormon from the office and will be giving it to R as soon as possible. Could you speed that up at all? 

M (13) has been very relaxed when he has been reading the Book of Mormon and feels very unmotivated to be baptized. We are trying this week to fast and pray for his heart to be softened as he missed his baptismal date of Feb 4th:/ 
We love him so much and if it is Heavenly Fathers will, it will happen with Hard work! 

We love you very much President and Sister Ulrich, 
We thank you for the examples that you are and for the revelation to which you receive! The gospel is true and I am thankful to be serving with the Army of Helaman. Even though I may be battered and bruised I will fight the good fight! 
With Love and Prayers, 
Elder Cooper 
Wrekin England"

Love you Momma Bear, 
You inspire me in all things. Thank you for letting me know about the progress back home. 
Send my love back to everyone at home. 
Rest well my momma you deserve all that this world provides. 
Elder Cooper