Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April 24/2017

May 14th could not come any sooner! I am very much awaiting seeing the wonderful family to which my heart belongs,
The District has completely Changed but as you said change is good! 
We have Three from the USA, Two from the Philippians , One from Latvia, One from France and One from Canada... AND a Partridge in a pear tree!
The District had a street display with banners and Books of Mormon and THE SPIRIT was even there!
We held it in the Telford Center and it was packed with people busking for money and Jehovahs Witnesses and a car show. So we focused prayed and set up near the Ice Cream Cart. Yes that is a thing and I loved it!
The day was full of sunshine and we felt we needed to sing to the people so we all shared turns singing and holding the banner! It was so powerful and we met some really great people!
We had a friend named J J and his daughter A at church on Sunday and he got so much out of it!
It was powerful to see someone understand the spirit and be moved by it!
The Gospel really is true and I love hearing from family and other missionaries around the globe.
The truths of the gospel touch everyone and I can't imagine my life without it.
It was so nice to hear the spirit of missionary work is in full stride back at home and I can't help but have joy for Dallin and Beth!
This work is really tearing me apart and I am pleading for Heavenly Father to make something better of me :) I have learned recently or better yet I will be learning very soon...
That sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven. Elder Bednar said in his training,"Live obediently and STOP WORRYING."
Some quick points.
Yes the Canadian Dollar BILL smells like Maple Syrup, I have to admit it! The Coins DON'T... haha!
The Wrekin Ward is doing really well and the Sister Missionary who just came is actually from this ward at the beginning of her mission. She was here last year and she will finish her mission in Telford.
I found the Ring!
Driving is crazy and I love it.
Always safe I promise. I think I mostly love just being able to sing in the car again. It offers therapy to lil ol me.

I Will pray for Moroni's Quest and will be inviting angels to support and prioritize with you. I would love to be a leader at some point.
Love to Hear the family is well and that life is still crazy! That is no surprise.
The little Bible made me feel like a Giant!
The Gospel makes us more than we ever can be on our own. I know that! I try to live as the Savior walks next to me and I am doing all I can to bring joy to his name.

Friday, 21 April 2017

April 17, 2017

Firstly thank you sooo much for the Beautiful pictures of family! 
My goodness that meal looks divine. 
On the other side of the world I am enjoying the rain and have crazy news. Elder Cooper just had a conversation with the mission office and he and his companion (Elder D STILL!) I will send pictures to dad with the keys 🔑 When I got the news I was like on HERE WE GO! 
That is excitement number one! 
Elder Cooper and D will be... Staying in the Wrekin, Telford Area. So many blessings these last two weeks! We have invited many people to be baptized for May and they said YES! We are incredibly excited but they never came to church last week. We will work towards the next week. Elder C is leaving us to serve in Wales, somewhere called "Wrill" for real! 
We are sad to say goodbye to Elder P as he will be leaving to serve in Kendall and will be uniting with his Tongan friends. His companion and trainee graduate Elder D will be serving with a Frenchmen Elder C. It is bittersweet but we are excited for new blood in the area. 
Sister L (Filipina) will stay and serve with a Californian Sister C. 
Which means Sister ('Merica) W will be leaving us. The whole District is going to miss those that are leaving and I am really sad that our friendships are being separated for a time. 
Life is so brilliant today. I have come to realize on my mission there is never bad weather, just bad attitudes. Even in the Canadian winters we can find hope and love in any situation.

This Easter Sunday was one to remember. It was such a sacred meeting and I wrote down some really simple things that I will never forget. I have many thoughts to share about the love and sacrifice of our Savior and Brother. I had the blessing of teaching the Youth Sunday school class and I shared the Gold Fishies! We showed them my Canadian money. It really does smell like maple syrup and it makes me over joyed. I love the truths I was able to testify of and the pre- missionaries got to bear their testimonies...it was special. 
I shared the doughnut story about the atonement. It's one of my favourites! 
The feast I had after church was supplied by my Nigerian Wrekin Momma Sister B. E.

We are teaching D.H's oldest daughter E.R. and she is reading the children's Book of Mormon. We love them greatly are they are making friends so quickly at church. 
A has been dated for Baptism for 6th of May! 
We met just days ago but she really wants to change and her heart is so soft. There is many around her distracting her and she wants to be Clean! 
We love the Wrekin Area and we are excited to share even more miracles in the coming weeks. 
We are teaching a man named Saturday! (Which is funny because in my last area our Ward Mission Leader was Sunday;) ) He is really desiring to know about prophets and questions everything. 
E.H. is reading and praying and we shared the Easter videos with her. She loved church and has so many questions! 
We have a lot of work to do but the work is right on track! 
Love you all! 
Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

April 10, 2017

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

April 3, 2017

I am filled with such love divine for work and willingness to grow. 
Many times each day I must thank the master gardener for cutting me down! 
So nice for the update on the home life. 
This week has been full of greatness and I took so many notes from Conference. I can't fully explain my heart and soul but I know they are without words and closer to God with each day. 
I love this gospel and I must say thinking about Conference made me think of food and family. Although I miss you all greatly I will testify there is nothing greater than this work! 

"President Ulrich, 
What a glorious week to be a missionary in the England Manchester Mission. 
I pondered this week the power and influence of meaningful service. I remember from my youth quoting the priesthood values of respecting and upholding God's Laws. 
This Restoration is based on consecration and therefore service without need of repayment. The marvelous work and a wonder continues to go forth and this service unto God's children is changing hearts. 
I love the use of hymns in the General Conference talks recently and I thought I would bring up Hymn #223 as each day is a precious opportunity to find, teach and testify bringing souls unto baptism. 
One of the most revelatory experiences I have had this last General Conference was that to do with Elder Mark A Bragg "Seeking HIS light is in our eternal DNA" when we are seeking for truth and righteousness. All of Heavenly Father's Children have that given light to understand and identify with truth.
Russell M. Nelson's Talk lifted within me a desire to know Christ. 
I have made it essential to study the words of Christ as His disciple. This Church is built upon Christ along with the work and discipleship of His followers. "

Time management was never one of my talents and with all the crazy events today we are making lemonade out of oranges. 

We went and hiked the Wrekin and it was a blast! We celebrated a missionaries birthday today and loved our day!
The Photos are from the Wrekin today and from the historical tour!
So many great memories and GUESS what?... I got a call today and President and Sister Ulrich are coming to our District Meeting tomorrow! 
Haha surprise to me.
He wants to interview all the missionaries monthly and tomorrow is our time to shine!
Love you Family.
The Work is Hard but it's the LORD'S and HIS Reward is worth all sacrifice.
Elder Cooper