Monday, 25 July 2016

I have ten minutes to write this email and I have a good excuse ;)
Today was a special P-day. All the Elders (Apparently the sisters weren’t invited), went to South Manchester and had a Conference P Day.
President gave us instruction on the Book of Mormon and Sister Ulrich spoke on being Obedient in all things especially our health, dress and grooming.
The instruction today was so inspired and many points were so golden. We mostly centered on the confirmation of the Book of Mormon but references from both the Doctrine and Covenants and King James Bible.
D&C 17:6, 19:26, 20:8, (King James Bible 4 years by many scholars/Book of Mormon 65 days The Power of God through the Prophet Joseph Smith) Isaiah 29:14; D&C20:9-42:12 (Atonement in BOM 27 times, New testament 1 time) 2 Nephi 3:12 ; EZK 37:16-17; D&C 20:10, 20:11,20:14 
. . . May I first say how inspiring the Elders day was today! I was excited to have such a special P-day with such a gathering of priesthood and more especially missionaries from The England Manchester Mission. There is great power in numbers and that is so very evident in the way the Lord would have us teach. Two is such a strong number however threes are a testament of divinity. Having the Godhead as three distinct individuals, having the First Presidency, and having two missionaries of the Lord led by their senior companion, The Holy Spirit!
In planning and meetings throughout the week I have learned more fully the process of setting goals, making plans and following up. This was something of emphasis in the England MTC with my teacher and learning and applying are two very different processes. I know that these three things are the structure to successful missionary work. Being worthy of and obedient to the Lord and all he has commanded and having the faith to increase our own limits. He knows everyone oh so very much and especially the investigator and missionary. That relationship is proxy of the Lord teaching his brothers and sisters his gospel. Through that proxy we as missionaries learn so very much, the Lord’s hand is in all things.   
The days are passing by and it honestly scares me. Through study of The Book of Mormon, multiple daily prayers and my patriarchal blessing, I have found greater insight to myself and my purpose. We must first prepare and plant the seeds of faith to bring forth the fruits of righteousness. I must/am be(ing) obedient and LIVE this process as How am I supposed to bring others to come unto Christ if I am not living what I am teaching?
. . .I knew this was going to be the roller coaster of a lifetime, an eternity even, as you will never forget your mission; Just buckle up. Hahaha I love the "just keep swimming" aspect of missionary work as each opportunity negative or positive builds the structure of a person’s character. Building with all the right blocks can make a mansion, however if your foundation is flawed you will not exceed any of your expectations. It takes “Masters" in all aspects to build that beautiful house, individuals who have performed this work before and who know what material to use. All in all it takes a Master architect who knows how the work will finish to walk side by side in every moment to lay each act in his way. As Joseph Smith expressed as the saints built the temple, We are not just building the Lords House, "The Savior is building us", and that is so very true. I have all the right materials, a fantastic trainer, a beautiful loving family, the priesthood, the scriptures.... The list could go on! However, the Lord and THE PROMISE of the Holy Ghost are the most binding materials in building the Lord’s work. 
Our investigators are progressing and building in such faith and my companion and I are praying and working to best help them receive every promise the Lord has, as we make covenants. The work is going forward and I love that missionary work is familiar and much more natural now. I have learned tracting is incredible in many ways and that the Lord often waits till that last couple houses for us to find those that are prepared. Often the Lord stretches our will to inch closer to his, and I have loved seeing how I have grown in the simple 1 1/2 months I have been serving in England. Every day counts and I love the power of The Book of Mormon as expressed today in our meeting. I am intrigued how much anyone can learn from reading and praying to receive the promise of revelation and I aspire to improve my love of that power. Something that inspires me each day is 2 Nephi 33. The whole chapter is gold :) Especially 2-5. All in all it combines to LIVE THE PROMISE, and Promise to all that live. 

Powerful, powerful. Love you all soooooooo much sorry I could not message anyone else ;( My love is too all.
I am sure everyone has exciting news. I can’t wait to hear it next week.
Elder Cooper 

Bolton England

THE FAMILY TREE ME, Father, Grand Pappy,

Great Grand Pappy

Monday, 18 July 2016

Just a few People and adventures here in Bolton thus far.
Everything from birthday lunch to my beautiful family package!
Thank you so much I loved it and every little thing made me laugh and love you all even more. 
My week has been pretty Crazy actually, we had a multi zone conference and I felt so empowered by the spirit it really was quite special.
Make every day count and whatever it takes have become my motivating force. I know as we study and align ourselves with God’s will that miracles do happen.
With imperfect people Heavenly Father can and has done inspiring things.
The Central message during the multi-zone conference was that through faith and knowing who we are that we could be perfect messengers of The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I wish I could just send you my notes because it really changed my perspective on many things in this divine work. It has been said, many are called but few are chosen.
As I thought about that I reflect on what I covenanted or promised to do in this simple two years devoted to the lord. What I am willing to give up, and what I already have, just to feel the love and confirmation of the doctrines and principles I teach every day. Instead of waking up at 6:30, our Mission Leader, President Ulrich has asked us missionaries to wake up at 5:45 so we can have a mental and spiritual devotional with the lord. 
This has been quite an interesting experience as each time I kneel to pray after waking up I have to fight my temptation to fall asleep. Rule one, Make sure you are prepared! This applies to so many aspects of life. Especially missionary work :) As I wake up I try to be the best state of mind as not to fall asleep again whether that be drinking water or simply stretching everything out, ahhh so important be free from all stress.
Do not sweat the small stuff; I learned a stress exercise called watermelon. Being real with you here it works. Its Tai chi and it makes miracles happen. 

Side thought. During Sacrament meeting yesterday, a member of the high council spoke on the power we can gain through Family history and temple work and that was the center of all meetings.
In his talk he quoted and elaborated on the talk Do I Believe From this last April General Conference- Bonnie L. Oscarson. I love this talk and i encourage all to read and study both the deep and simple truths that are mentioned. In this talk it explains we have gained a knowledge or we are progressing to a knowledge of many things within mortality and also in the Church. At a moment of chaos, we are then tested and have to comprehend "Do I ACTUALLY Believe?" and this is a process that can either enhance or cripple our faith. Little food for thought.
I invite you to read and study and after I would ask you to pray to Heavenly Father and have a little morning/night devotional with him to confirm these things. I know that he listens and no matter what happens in life, I have gained the love and testimony that He never will leave you. Whenever I feel down, I simply think of everyone who prays for missionaries and all the angels that protect and uplift. Only one opposition will tear you down, is destroying every aspect of life sacred to ourselves and our Father in heaven. Never forget the Celestial lineage that we each have with our Heavenly Father. The Plan of Salvation is to return home and sometimes that happens far too soon. Make every day count and "Just keep swimming", who would have thought Dory from Finding Nemo could have been so simply legendary. We make the decision with our god given agency to change our attitude in any circumstance. The past does not matter, however always learn from it, there is nothing the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ cannot cure and we can be healed as we plead for repentance. Moroni 8:25-26, The Process is continual and it helps us to endure to the end and then we shall return home to the greatest place we once knew.

So Back to Multi Zone.
I love President Ulrich so very much and we found many instances in scripture that exemplify mighty faith vs belief. Joshua 3:11-17 was my favorite, can’t imagine why ;)
It is so powerful that the distinction between a belief and Faith is the application. To do what is required and act accordingly. Often Motivation will not come until we act on what we are to pursue. 
The hardest Part is always starting. I think often to the MTC- Missionary work starts like drinking water from a fire hydrant- This is ever so true. Every day you feel like you are pushed to your limit,  however every day you have subtle tender mercies and miracles that come as you near the finish line. Always remember there IS a finish line, as bittersweet as it is every day is one more or less to act and bring ourselves closer to this Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each one of us must act and the growth comes as we practice just a bit longer, learn just a little more and want "it" just a bit more. Whatever "it" is, it will come as we are more devoted to Heavenly Father and rely on the truths that he teaches, Live them. I have learned that it is about the numbers. We have been blessed with fundamental Key indicators which bring us success as we set realistic goals that will help us to improve. The key is to not see numbers but to see faces or names. They are Heavenly Fathers children. 
We watched the Death Crawl from Facing the Giants and my goodness it was powerful. It all comes down to facing our fears and practicing the fundamentals of life!
“This is a football...." - Vince Lombardi
I had a little bit more time today as i paid for an extra hour! Soon i will have an Ipad and emails will be a little easier to sort out. Very soon.
Finally I love you all beyond comprehension!!! Thank you so very much for the letters emails and packages, they inspire this little missionary to say
“I think I can, I think I can..... I know I can" daily. The Mission is a beautiful thing even if it is a roller coaster.
Life would not be worth it if it was a straight line. As a matter of fact that proves that we are not living life at all. 
There is opposition in all things and you along with our Savior Jesus Christ are the light at the finish line.
Light will never be overcome by darkness and I will always love each of you.       

Elder Cooper

Bolton England

We use Public transit all the days long and we walk very often. My shoes can prove it.
I love the ward even though it is super small and elderly. Makes it that much more special.
They will forever be the first ward in my mission.

The Festivity was the Bolton Iron man triathlon!!!!
I loved talking to people. It is inspiring to see what people are capable of!!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Elder Super Cooper is ALIVE and WELL!!!!
Another Beautiful day here in Bolton England Momma!
I keep stressing in this one hour of time to write... its freaking me out.
Firstly thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I couldn’t even open all the emails to check but I know there is so much love and support coming my way. 
It is such an empowering work being a missionary, you see bounties of miracles and really ponder the scriptures. I love waking up every day, even though it’s hard sometimes, to study the gospel personally and then to apply what I have studied in our companionship study. I really quite enjoy the role plays that we practice so very often. surprise surprise hahha 
I loved this week studying Ammon and Lamoni and also Aaron and Lamoni’s father. ALMA 18 ALMA 22 I LOVED IT!!!!! There is so much power in righteous discernment through the spirit. I have learned as we humble ourselves and submit our wills to god that he really can provide so much happiness & enlightenment to others by using his righteous children. Being a missionary is definitely an experience fam jam! I never thought it would be exactly like this,  I don’t exactly know how I thought it would be but it wasn’t anything like this. It is a very good thing I promise, just a bit unfamiliar. The preparation pre-mission was so essential and I wouldn’t be here without it.
I am only going to have time for one email so I will try to make this good.
My last week in the MTC was so powerful and I loved all the devotionals. The training is so condensed and I definitely raised the bar for myself. Final meetings with our investigators were a little hard and I felt I honestly wanted the best for them even though they were characters. The Spirit is real and it testifies of truth even if you are simply role playing. It is such an inexpressible feeling to have inspiration come to you mind when you need it the most. Words you never thought you could testify seem so natural and you feel confident in promising blessings to all you meet.
Something I focused on regularly was " Peter lovest thou me....." -Jesus John 21 Often I think about what my relationship with my Savior is and what I would and could sacrifice to improve it. I love the thoughts of leaving your past behind and being completely converted to the Savior and his teaching. Sacrificing friends, habits and sometimes even riches to accept and follow the true Master. 
I love this gospel so much and I feel such gratitude to be on the front lines of this battle protecting Heavenly Father’s children. The opposition is real and I can feel the weight of this work on my shoulders and I know that with my companion and with my Savior nothing is impossible. I love my family and friends so very much and I will return and report next week.
So many miracles but not enough time.
I love you i love you i looooveeeee yoouuuuu
Elder Cooper 

Bolton England

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Information on sending packages to Josh

Dear Parents of England Manchester Missionaries:
As you plan for gifts for your missionary this year (whether birthday or special holidays), we are sending you some important information to assure timely delivery of your packages and to help minimize shipping costs, Value-Added Taxes, and duty fees.
If you want your package to arrive to your missionary in advance of the special day/holiday, please send it at least 30 days in advance of the intended date. This is especially true at Christmas time. All Christmas gifts should be mailed in early November. The cost of mailing a gift is sometimes much more than the cost of the actual gift. Many parents can avoid paying expensive mailing charges, especially from countries far from the UK, by buying gifts from and similar British-based Internet sites and having them sent directly to the mission office. This can often be done free of charge or at cheaper British mail rates. If you live outside of Great Britain, please know that shoes, boots and other clothing items of good quality are available for purchase here.
All packages should be sent to the mission office—not to the mission home. Also, please do not send packages to the flat where your missionary is currently living. If British mail delivers a package to a flat, and the recipient is not at home, the package is sent back to the post office (generally miles away). Packages are not left at the doors in the UK. Use the following Mission Office address:
Missionary Full Name (we have missionaries with the same last name) England Manchester Mission Springwood, Suite G5
Booths Park, Chelford Road
Knutsford WA16 8GS
We encourage you not to send large packages because your son/daughter will need to transport the packages with them on the train or bus from zone conference back to their flat. It can be very challenging to carry them to and from the train/bus station, so please keep the package size small. Receiving an excessive number of gifts can even be embarrassing among their fellow missionaries since some of our missionaries receive few if any gifts.
Please mark all packages with the word “gift” and show a declared value of no more than £36.00 GBP ($52.00 USD). If the value of the gift is more than £36.00 ($52.00 USD) the package will incur an import Value Added Tax (VAT) of 20%. It is wise to divide gifts into smaller packages with declared values of less than £36.00 GBP. If you fail to state it is a gift, the VAT is applied on goods worth more than £15.00.
If the value of a package is more than £36.00 GBP, the package will be held by the Post Office/Customs until the import VAT is paid. The missionary would be responsible for these costs. Customs also adds on a handling fee that often exceeds £10.00. Import VAT is calculated on the total price of the goods, postage cost, and any insurance costs, not just the price of the gift. Preferred methods of
shipping from the United States is via the United States Postal Services. The missionary will incur a VAT tax if you use FedEx or UPS.
Please remember that all gifts sent to missionaries should be consistent with the sacred nature of their calling. Please adhere to the Missionary Music Policy which is as follows: “Listen only to music that is consistent with the sacred spirit of your calling. Music should invite the Spirit, help you focus on the work, and direct your thoughts and feelings to the Savior. Do not listen to music that pulls your thoughts away from your work, merely entertains, has romantic lyrics or overtones, or dulls your spiritual sensitivity by its tempo, beat, loudness, lyrics, or intensity” (Missionary Handbook. p. 25).
If you are sending reading material, please adhere to the Missionary Reading Policy which is as follows:
“Read only books, magazines, and other materials authorized by the Church (Missionary Handbook, p. 27) “Focus your study on the standard works, the approved missionary library (Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage Our Search for Happiness, True to the Faith), and the Church magazines. Study only these materials.” (Missionary Handbook, pg. 15 and PMG, pg. viii).
While favorite food items are enthusiastically welcomed by the missionaries, please do not send perishable items. We cannot guarantee a timely delivery. Keep in mind that most favourite food items can be purchased in the UK and therefore some extra personal money to purchase those things may be more cost effective than shipping.
It is illegal to ship packages of meat or dairy products to the U.K. from outside Non-European Union Countries. This includes beef jerky, which is readily obtained in the U.K. The U.K. Customs Department does random searches and if beef or dairy products are found in a package, the recipient receives a letter of seizure and forfeiture which informs them that future violations can result in a criminal investigation. Some of our missionaries have received these letters and they lost not only the banned items but everything else in their package.
Letters and cards should also be sent to the mission office and will be distributed at various meetings throughout the month.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Momma and Papa Bear!
It is absolutely insane to think I am almost Twenty.
I have very little time to write as I have been sent to Bolton England  and today is my PDay!
I will continue to have you in my prayers and I always think about our special Temple times. I am pleading that Heavenly Father allows me to go to the temple often, it would make this service oh so powerful for me. 
Here is my letter to President Ulrich.  Please alter and refine what I have wriiten as I have very little time and I would still love to get to the masses.

President Ulrich, 

I was humbled to meet you and your dear wife today! You both are such powerful examples of love and service. I can feel the love of the Savior through you and I aspire to develop a relationship with my Savior and also my future companion as you have with you beloved wife. I know that relationship will come through service and understanding of the attributes of Christ and the love of God's children. Honestly, it was an emotional roller coaster today and I feel oh so blessed to have entered the mission field. Finally, the day has come in which I can serve the Lord with my full devotion. I promised today in my head to work to the best of my abilities and then strive for the spirit to empower my efforts. I felt the spirit confirm to my uneasiness the plan that was already in action. Taking that leap of faith to accept the call and learn to develop trust in what the Lord has organized is something I realized very early. Elder B. and I have taken to the streets and looked for every opportunity to share the gospel in our travels. I already have such confidence and love for this companionship and feel strongly we will succeed. I have learned the influence and power of study whilst in the MTC and now the test is to apply. I am truly looking forward to each moment of weakness and also the triumphs in success. We have entrusted each other with mutual respect and a openness that is essential in a loving companionship. I look up to his leadership and even though we are very new in perspective, we are strong and faithful. There is definitely much to study and understand as far as where investigators have progressed, however, I know with prayer and an open heart that I can transition efficiently. It shall be done.
I love seeing the changes that are evident as someone realizes truth and hope for the first time. Seeing Children of God without a hope in salvation makes you yearn to share the gospel. The hard part is, for good or bad, Agency is their power. Whether they will accept this glorious message is dependent on their circumstance and the effectiveness of teaching. I will / have prayed that every day will have meaning and that Heavenly Father can use me successfully to achieve his divine plans. 
Let the Work press forward. The Lord is the captain of this battle and I am on his side....
I love you and care deeply to make you proud. 
Elder Cooper
Bolton England

I love this oh so very much and I am excited to serve here in Bolton. All the interviews and roleplays went well and I loved the England MTC So much. I gained such a love for England already and I loved President and Sister Preston.
My heart was so filled with love as we parted goodbye.
Now is the work and I will go and do as the Lord has commanded. The Lord asks all worthy and willing hands. Prepare yourself for the gospel prepares you for eterntiy

Love yoooooouuuuu