Tuesday, 27 September 2016

September 27, 2016

I have learned so many glorious things in the past week and especially last two days.
Momma I am pregnant!!!! I have had a son, his name is Elder A and I love him so much... so hard working and we just met each other today. 3 hours to be exact. I will send pictures later as we have yet to take pictures together.
I have had such an eventful week and I have some highlights:
Hot Pots - Chippy Tea
Hot Pots- Mums for tea
These are songs Sister U loves! She is always so hilarious and I love her dinner meals.
I have a book that is full of humorous events of Elder B and myself. I will never forget. He will die a legend in my books.
We are continuing to invite others to be Baptized and seek change and what greater calling!
The EMM is the Best mission in the world! This transfer is going to be gold!
"President Ulrich,
How inadequate I felt receiving the calling to be a trainer... Until I realized the calling was from the Lord and I could not deny the truth of that! Very quickly as the time is running short, we just arrived in Bolton and settled very briefly to prepare ourselves for this glorious transfer.
I already love the attitude and work ethic of young Elder A in so many ways! He is anxiously engaged in this blessed work of Heavenly Father and is excited to see the miracles of this work. We did as directed and are looking for opportunities to strengthen each other and find his potential as a mighty chosen missionary of the Father. Opened with prayer and started seeing the blessings!
So many opportunities already even as I sat down to write.  I met this kind tattooed man named B.  We spoke for 15 minutes about the foundation of change and the Atonement and I received his contact information and set an appt for tomorrow:) Miracles are beginning to come forth. Starting this transfer right with a companionship understanding to submit to the spirit and learn to grow in ALL things. I truly appreciated the testimonies of the departing missionaries and the foundation that has been made in this mission! 
The obedience has been set forth and I already feel the motivation of this transfer. Elder B and myself were far from perfect and I am responsible and take the accounting for this coming transfer. I will be fulfilling the commitment to which you extended and will seek for absolute obedience. I cannot wait to continue to train and be fed more abundantly by the spirit. I surprisingly do not feel worried as of this moment.... maybe I am just in shock! The last few days have definitely been an adventure. I am still trying to catch up; however I feel strongly of the spirit and training I have received. I will fulfill the trust that has been allotted at this time and look forward to reporting on many occasions of the miracles in our companionship! 
I love you does not express enough my admiration for Sister Ulrich and yourself! I am so thankful for the examples you have set and this opportunity to stretch myself to learn and grow. More than anything I feel this transfer/12 weeks will be centered on accountability and charity (Understanding and loving EVERYONE, Especially Elder A)!
However brief, this may have been that my mind is running a thousand kilometers an hour and I am struggling to write the fullness of what I desire to express. It all centers on LOVE. I honestly love this mission and this family that has become such strength in my life and for eternity. I know training will change and refine me for the better and I am raising the bar for such an instant. Every second counts to keep the spirit, if you have not the Spirit you shall not teach effectively!

Elder Cooper
Bolton England "
I love you  I love you  I love you!!!!!
I am doing great my toe is healed, I have my driver’s license and I am looking A okay I think!
I am doing my best to make you proud and I am so happy to hear of the adventures from home.

Express my love to the family.

Enjoy our Viking adventure. (Pictures)

Monday, 19 September 2016

 September 19, 2016
Mommaaaaaaa Oooooooooooooooo (Queen) In case you were Wondering...;)
I love you I love you I love yooouuuuuu no surprise though, I have the greatest mother in the universe.
I feel kind of chaotic at the moment and am trying my hardest to focus on writing, in the words of Spike "the struggle is REAL!" 
With everything that has happened today it has been a true adventure.
We Cleaned the second Elders Flat  this morning with A and P plus the Sisters! I am so happy to be finished but the morning was a process.
Many bodies made the work efficient though:) Yay for helping hands!
I only took a few photos but I wouldn't have wanted to show you the beginning state of their flat....
This was the results of many cleaning supplies and the hard work of many :) I cannot truly show you the contrast of qualities but just trust me, it was not livable before.
As time is going to be focused on Janae I will be short but loving.

"President Ulrich,
Weeks are starting to add as I am now on the 12th week of (Fully) being in the England Manchester Mission! I cannot believe how time just decays as we work everyday. I have been seeing the contrast of days as some days are indeed more inspired than others. Mission life has been a roller coaster and I have improved with my health as well. Fit for service as they would say. Things have been a struggle as Elder Bengini has been sick for some days now and he is too stubborn hahaha I love him so much though. Elder Benigni and I have been striving for improvement in all areas of the mission work but especially with the members this past week:) We had the opportunity to share many spiritual thoughts with the Bolton ward families and are striving to gain their trust in Heavenly Fathers work. We have developed a stronger relationship with our ward mission leader Brother Sunday and we are visiting with the bishop to propel the work in Bolton yet again. He has been on holidays for quite some time so we have relayed our progress through the ward leaders.
Both the Mission tour and our last Zone Meeting focused on relations and trust of missionary work within the wards we associate and are assigned. It has been a rough transition for some of the families especially with 6 Pm in regards to Tea Appts. They often express sarcasm and unbelief however with love we explain our need to be obedient. I guess more than anything it proves people do not like to change, it applies to all aspects of life even church.
Our Progress with our friends has been wonderful we have seen many promising children of god with needs no one in the world can answer. I love the power of prayer and know that our number one source of truth is our Heavenly Father. No one is above the power of prayer. No matter what age, race, or religious background, seeking truth for the eternity must be found within prayer. I love how it so clear states this in Preach My Gospel, paraphrased No spirtual can be known except through prayer... It takes the humility and preparation to seek divine inspiration and because Heavenly Father knows our intentions we cannot deceive him. He has answered my prayers in so many ways this week and i am feeling more and more the mantle that comes with missionary work:) It has been real for quite sometime but now that my friends have prepared themselves to be baptized soon and some have lost their paths I have seen the brief glances of the highs and lows of Missionary service.
I am very excited for the coming of General Conference the beginning of October and look forward for this first conference while being a missionary. These past three months have seemed to magnify the joys of mortality physically and of course spiritually. I have seen the blessings of living the gospel and cannot and will not deny the truthfulness of the knowledge i have gained. To do such would hurt myself and my Heavenly Father. I do not want to let him down.
I had an amazing experience speaking to a lovely woman named Doreen, she is Jehovahs Witness and Elder Benigni and I knocked on her door bringing the message Christmas was only 3 months away. Not the greatest introduction considering the situation. She bantered back to me of her feelings and the falsities of the modern celebration and the developed monetary misuse of the event. It was clear we were not welcome. After listening I simply explained the intentions of missionary work, proclaiming the truthfulness of both the Bible and The Book of Mormon, how they support and enrich one another. The only words i had to mention were the atonement of Jesus Christ and she did not know what to say. I felt so strongly the spirit and allowed her the time to feel it as well. She quite nicely wished us a great day and we left her with much to think about and our promise to return and continue to talk. It was a beautiful experience as I had never felt so boldly the power to testify of the existing prophecies in each text. I wont forget this experience and hope neither will she :)
Everything is progressing and we are helping everyone we can whether it be the no-smoke program or addiction recovery or just overcoming the sacrifice from better to best. The Church of Jesus Christ has always been in my life and I will always feel a debt to what i have been surrounded by. I have now developed the love for the church in two words, Christs Help, It is there when we need it the most and we are the help provided to others when help is needed. I absolutely love that the Lords Storehouse is not only supplies monetarily and physically however it consists of spiritual nourishment and the members of the church are essential aspects of such a force. "We are all enlisted.... And that has made me the happiest of all." 
This work is Glorious and I feel that Heavenly Father is proud.
Love you President Ulrich.
Elder Cooper 
Bolton England

So many Spiritual experiences this week and seeing the growth has been fantastic. I have been doing my best and the foot really is not bothering me. I did go to the Podiatrist and she spoke of just cutting off my toe... Totally joking I am completely alright! She was very impressed at how well I took care of it considering the circumstance it was in. I had a very humorous time trying to organize the appointment though. I had the pleasure of talking to Sister H our mission nurse and had to send her pictures of my toe. I wrote her this funny email and made her laugh. Life is meant to be enjoyed and mission life is always enjoyable. 

I was talking to a Gentleman in my ward over tea yesterday and he served his mission with a R. H. and I was wondering if that was Aunt L’s brother? If so could you pass on the word that Brother P would love to speak with him via the media of the world wide web ;) MIssion Accomplished!
Bus Contacting and tracting (FINDING) have got to be the most entertaining mission aspects. I love teaching people but you do not teach until you find. So we have met quite the variety of Heavenly Fathers Children!!! England is a very immodest place and it’s frustrating the lack of care for somethings. Elder B and I have studied the scriptures to call people to repentance. Completely necessary! I had a man during street display hitting on the sisters and I spoke with him instead and he ended up telling me he uses the scriptures of God to roll his drugs. I have never been so disappointed in humanity. I love England so much though and look for opportunities every day to bring sunshine into the soul!
Singing in the rainy English sq. is beautiful!  I love it!

We received an investigator named G and her boyfriend J from our district leader (Elder W, UK) and his companion (Elder P.... the Globe somewhere) and they are actually miracles. G grew up in so many different churches and never knew which was true, just wanted to find the answers for life and truth and did not know where to find them. So one beautiful morning she knelt in a grove of tre- wait a second...... She truly is a female Joseph Smith Story in so many ways and I am meeting her with Elder P this Tuesday on my first companion exchange!!!! Elder B is going to Whitefield and Elder P is joining me in Bolton. We have quite the day planned!
Tuesday morning we have the privilege of attending a funeral, a dear member of our ward who was struggling for some time. She is so happy and free now and that knowledge brings such bittersweet joy. She will be missed even though we only knew her briefly.

M unfortunately stopped the program after 8 hours but he feels the love of the church and wants to return to learn things are difficult with his family situation. 
He has all the potential and I am going to be patient and watch him return when he is ready. 
L Missed church on Sunday and her scheduled appt with us last week ;( hoping  to see her soon!
It is the balance of chasing after some sheep and letting some return on their own...
Everyone is personal to Heavenly Father and He knows their progression.

Keep Smiling and Enjoy your week!

Monday, 12 September 2016

September 12, 2016

AHHHHHHH There is SOOOOO MUCH LOVE in the world for MISSIONARIES and their MOMMAS.
I Will be completely honest with you mom, Elder and Sister Leimer reminded me of you and Dad. More Sister Leimer and you, rather than Elder Leimer and Father (I cannot really see him speaking German ;) ) As for Sister Leimer she is from Denver and was such a brilliant daughter of God. She like your self has studied in depth how to better understand/apply and enrich ourselves from the Atonement of our loving Savior Jesus Christ.
The whole experience was so rich with the spirit and the purge of the purifying power of the spirit allowed such room for growth. I was very blessed to be on the stand conducting the music for the meeting.. putting me to work already! Psshhhhh Work force! I absolutely loved the opportunity to change the perspective and to see very closely the love of the Leimers and also President & Sister Ulrich. It was so conducive to conversion and I wanted absolutely everyone I know to have attended. We must be Converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ not just have a Testimony. The Event was centered around how the spirit is the third member of the godhead and how he loves us and wants to USE US to accomplish Heavenly Fathers Plan/Work. We DO NOT use the Holy Ghost, He is so powerful and he is just as much a friend that we need to gain trust with. We treat our investigators, companions and ourselves as friends and need to learn to trust and admire each respective group. You shall not teach if you are divided. Learned that many times. I am so happy for companions to support and enrich this work and I really hope Elder B and I stay together.

"Dear President Ulrich,
Much to report on and I will do my best to keep it precise and uplifting.
Firstly, what an experience it was to attend the mission tour of Elder & Sister Leimer. The event provided a spiritual feast and I was so honored to have been on the stand amongst you all. Thank you for the opportunity to share some talent and to see the missionaries from a different perspective. The Mission Tour allowed for some well needed reflection on how to teach WITH the Spirit and it is something I was studying myself. I was so thankful for the discussion and also my own personal inspiration from the Holy Ghost. It was almost too much to comprehend and I realise that having a voice recorder is a brilliant investment. I am thankful Elder B was able to record and revisit the words and feelings that were provided just days ago. I am ever so thankful that we were assigned at the beginning and I am continuing to learn every day.
I learned something crucial to life. I myself am very stubborn and especially when I stressed and fasting. I had the privilege to fast for a friend of ours that is struggling in our ward and wanted to know how better I could help him in his desperation with the Word of Wisdom. Either way the purpose to fast helped me to grow and see how prayer and fasting can provide nourishment far beyond what is offered from the world. (The Tea Appt we had after was very fulfilling as well hahahaha) President, WE HAD 2 FRIENDS AT CHURCH!!!! Miracles in Bolton! We are working the no-smoking program with M, a man I met at a Bolton Square street display. He is a Catholic man who has been smoking for 45 years, and I helped him better understand his capabilities of change. He loves the atmosphere and spirit of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Sunday was a sacred experience for him and the sacrament was so powerful for him. L our dear friend has been struggling financially for some time and has been ever so distant. We called and never an answer:( then as we were warmly welcoming our fellow Boltonians she walked through the fence into the car park... She stayed for all of church and Elder B and myself ended up explaining the restoration to her with a return appt on Friday! So so so happy! Diligence, Obedience and prayer!
Elder B and myself have enjoyed the two transfers spent together and are awaiting maybe a third.... hahaha.  We are diligently planting seeds of faith and knowledge and are working hard to baptise converts! Soon very soon:) 
I am working on my Drivers licensing as we speak and I am submitting as soon as possible.
Healing physically has been such a process and I am hoping to no longer be in pain with my ingrown toe nail. I have an appt on Wednesday and want to heal very quickly. Prayer and much cleanliness.
Love you oh so very much and I am very thankful for your words at the mission tour.
I am working to compile my list and apply what has been taught.
It shall be done.
Bolton is still alive and well,
Keep smiling; it’s the best way to share your light!

Elder Cooper 
Bolton England"

This week has been a grand journey, physically and spiritually. I learned you can never trust the UK Transit system. hahaha Elder B and I have walked and it has been bitter sweet I will confess. I am very grateful for every opportunity to use the luxury of transportation and I am happy when the opportunity arises. We can always change our perspective!

Yes it is unfortunate the outcome of some individuals agency to not be baptised. It is such a loss when you know they have felt the spirit, however, we are not discouraged as we know we did our best. That is ALL that Heavenly Father can ask is that we do our best and then HE RAISES THE BAR. Emphasizes Obedience as the most important and through the spirit urges repent and be Baptized (clean) and we do that every week, however we repent every single day! I know Heavenly Father Loves us! His plan is perfect and we have that celestial promise to be like Him.
Greatest thing learned, “There is only ONE DEGREE between us and our HEAVENLY FATHER! And we are only a Prayer away from a much needed answer. Be humble enough to see the Lords hand in your life, it is a process.
If at first you do not succeed try, try again! 
I love how we never forget primary songs, It always amazes me how I recognise the tunes that are ever so familiar.
Scripture power keeps me safe from sin! It truly is the power to win and we all need it!
Love you all very much 

Elder Coops

Monday, 5 September 2016

September 5, 2016
As always shortness of time. 
"President Ulrich,

It’s hard to believe another week has gone. On second thought I can definitely believe that seven days have already elapsed. With the chaos of our schedule and the continual effects of my bodily stress I have tried to maintain the focus on missionary work at hand. Elder B and I have made much progress with our teaching pool and are making such an increase in our friendship. The companionship of the spirit has been strong and I have loved feeling so close in many moments. Seeking to find those that are prepared is easier said than done; which leads me to my favorite saying of the week, "Not EVERY day is Christmas". It is quite an interesting phrase and depending on the perspective it can mean many things. As a missionary at this time I best understood such a claim as, not every day will be a feast of those that are prepared, however every day is a gift. It has been said that how we give our time to the Lord is our gift to him and I couldn't agree more. Every day those small improvements I have made, clearly let me see the priceless truth that is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being diligent to seek for teaching opportunities especially when I felt like I had nothing to offer allowed me to find just one more. Even miracles that were very tangible and visual.
As we were tracting near the Haliwell Flat in Bolton, a blue door slowly opened with the wind.  Strange occurrence. The first thing that came to my mind was, ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you; well, sometimes we do not have to knock at all.  Actually, as we were leaving the Elders flat the thought came into my head we need one in French and so I quickly ran back upstairs to find the Iron Rod! I quickly took the opportunity to follow the spirits guidance and we met Mike. He is from the Congo and speaks French and seeing as neither Elder B or myself speak French, we are teaching very simply. He expressed his gratitude and wants to bring his family to church on Sunday. He is a Christian and needs to find the true faith! We are planning to visit this week and we already gave him the Book of Mormon in French. I have gained such a love of the Book of Mormon in these simple 2 1/2 months and it is only magnifying as I study.

Elder B and myself have become much closer as we have embraced each others weaknesses and we actually had many powerful sacred experiences that I shall never forget. We had our first companionship inventory and I must repent as I now know the importance of being honest and clear with each other. It has been such a strength and we just discussed for quite some time mid week, I actually just listened to Elder B rant for 15 mins, I didn’t need to say a thing. I know I was called on a mission to help save souls and to embrace and strengthen companions who need it the most. Our training has been very profitable and I have appreciated the direction and testimony of Elder B in every instance. I don’t think I will ever forget about his Dog. I have great admiration for his maturity and sacrifice. Being a little older does not make us late for missionary service at all and I am sure we truly did meet in the pre-existence. Heavenly Father takes care of his missionaries and sends angels to attend in many times of need. We have worked our best and we are awaiting continued fruits of our service. E and K who were dated for the 10th of September and now neither will communicate. Satan works his hardest on those trying to change for righteous purposes and we are looking to our new 14 Investigators for growth!
Love and admire you President, see you this Wednesday:)
Elder Cooper
Bolton England"

So this Wednesday is our Mission Tour for Elder Leimer, Area 70!!!! So things are getting pretty stressful in the UK as we were warned he is trying to visit some flats to inspect. Never was the scripture, "cleanliness next to godliness" so applicable;) Loved reading everyone’s emails but as is I am trying to make a more general email in addition to our family to make these letters a little bit more exciting.
Know I love you all so very much and I intend to send pictures very soon, if not in the end of this email. I am praying for time.

This week..... Roller Coaster.
We (Elder B and I) had two Investigators dated for Baptism and we were progressing so very nicely; mid-week received a text no longer interested. Satan is trying to discourage in so many ways and this made us reapply ourselves and find a variety of ways to contact. I even resorted to saying I was lost; never rule anything or anyone out. You never know who is prepared and what the Lords timing truly is. LISTEN to the SPIRIT! Ahhhh such a powerful week. The spirit was just spoon feeding the children of God this week and I feel so humbled to have witnessed the change in their eyes.
We taught our friend D the plan of salvation this week and near the end of the lesson as we were about to close in prayer this happened, " Elders the last time you left I felt so strange but it was a fulfilling feeling and I can’t express it but by saying it was peace." E. B+C "Do you want that feeling D?" D " What kinda question is that fer a lad like me self, O course" E. B+C "Have you ever felt this before?" D " Not since I was a boy....." Needless to say we invited him to be baptised and he said YES!!!! There is sunshine in my soul ALWAYS!!!!! ( He is Irish by the way ;) ) For health reasons we are finding a later date but I am so happy he is preparing himself! This experience honestly felt like a movie. It was too perfect and I was in the moment like whaaattt???? nooooo , and yes the spirit pretty much led word for word. I have never seen anything like that. 

We had many rainy days here in England and cannot express my love for umbrellas! Saves the day, the most stressful part is always being prepared for torrential rains and then being in the sauna of an English single/double decker bus. Side note, bus contacting may be one of my favourite things in the world. I have met some of the most prepared and loving people in bus situations. Anytime, Anywhere....Always the Word of the Lord will go forth!
I met a British woman who has a crush on my Canadian accent mom! Hahaha it’s kind of an awkward situation but Elder B and I had a very thorough chuckle! We are actually meeting her this Friday and hoping it’s for the purpose of learning about the gospel and not just to talk to foreign missionaries.

If anything my knowledge of the gospel has been ever so focused and I love studying for others every morning. I am learning to be more prepared, to see and fulfill revelation and seek for continual support for guidance. I know that Heavenly Father wants all his missionaries to succeed and I love being in the England Manchester Mission. It is 1000% focused on strict obedience and I know that I need that in my life. I thought many times back to my preparation for the mission and the foundation of obedience as it is the first law of heaven and know it is divine. ** President Spackman!*  
I am learning to love absolutely everything and I was SOOOO happy to hear the preparation of so many missionaries from back home. God Speed my friends! 

Picture time!!!!
 This is our ward mission leader Bro S!!!! 
I absolutely love this man!
Also today Elder B and I held a picnic for the Bolton Ward. I made a cake and I only had 11 strawbs candies…turned out to be exactly enough :) Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways, even with sweets!
This coming week we have filled the dinner calendar, every day but Wednesday! I am making a goal of 7! Hahaha maybe soon 
Love being a missionary and sending the love (not the rainy weather ) home :)
Elder Cooper 

Bolton England