Monday, 31 October 2016

October 31, 2016

So much happiness as the sun is shining and I have had such a beautiful day thus far. 
We as a Bolton area are now gathered in the Chapel writing to our families😇 using the church for all its beautiful purposes. For some strange reason Princess Bride came to mind as I opened your letter:  
"Mahwaagee is what bwings us too gevah todayy"
Such beautiful memories! This week has been a blast and I cannot believe it is P-Day already⏰ but I promise I am not complaining about time. 
So yesterday at church we had a less active couple at church! Brother and Sister M.  have not been out for some time as a result of health and difficulty with ward relationships... Bless them. We have taken them sacrament many times and the last time we took them sacrament we invited them to partake in person and THEY DID! It was such a rewarding feeling to see them light up as they entered the chapel feeling home again:) Plus they have offered to feed us lunch/ dinner this Friday. I cannot wait;) Every time we visit them they offer us a chocolate ice cream bar (The Equivalent of a Breyers) It makes me feel like such a kid in a candy store. They really feel like family and I love them very much. 
None of our other investigators came to church… however our teaching pool continues to grow and also, as in life there are many who break your heart with rejection. 2 Nephi 2:25 
How about we just feel of GREAT JOY!!! I love this time to see people change and also to transform myself into a beautiful butterfly... Oh wait I am not a caterpillar. 
I am so happy you got to laugh at my video… I wish I had more to share

Love you Momma C 
Elder Cooper 
Bolton England 

President Ulrich :) 

I have felt the nourishment of the gospel so strongly this week as I partook of the sacrament. I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood as Elder Allen and I have given many blessings this transfer. I will make dedicating my home a priority in the future as in this world those faithful desperately need the comfort and protection at all times. This gospel has been that protection and I have now seen as a missionary how real and intimidating this spiritual war truly is. I know more that we need the Armour of God at every moment and especially in our rest. We have used the Melchizedek Priesthood at every opportunity and it has prompted forth such wonderful blessings.   

I absolutely love my mission family in the Bolton area and have developed such a divine friendship with so many powerful missionaries and hope to be honoured amongst them all. As these past few days have gone by I have reflected on the powerful examples of faith and purity I have seen in my seemingly small 20 years of experience. Using this time to become not only what I need to become but also raising others to see their potential. The trainings these past weeks have been such a blessing :) Elder Allen is beginning to see such a powerful vision of what matters and how he can better fulfil this divine purpose. This trust you have in me is from Heavenly Father and I have definitely seen that as many sacred experiences have brought us into unity with the Spirit. Such an enriching feeling!

I honestly feel this was the greatest time to come to serve in the ENGLAND MANCHESTER MISSION :) it has been such a blessed experience and I cannot believe the time has flashed by. Elder Allen expressed at the beginning of this transfer/his training his desire to make every moment count as we are quite literally on a spiritual timer. Everything you think, say and do has consequences of spiritual and literally merit. This daunting thought allowed me the ultimate question: What are you going to do about it? Having each moment mean something and being able to give my very best even just at times to scream it hurts. It was not meant to be easy but I have come to know every pain is worth it. For in that very moment the master is near healing us and offering us the opportunity to transcend yesterday and rise to the promise of tomorrow. A day of Repentance and a new opportunity to live EVERY covenant made in my seemingly small 20 years of experience to its full promised potential. The obedience to the work promotes miracles from the purity of the power that Authority alone cannot bring forth. 

So this week we had an appointment with a friend from Ireland:) Elder B. and I had taught him for some time and we ended losing contact a little bit. We rescheduled many times and ended up bringing him the large print Book of Mormon as he had difficulty reading the normal print. The lesson was fantastic and as we closed he expressed his admiration for the intelligent and dignified vocabulary exhibited by missionaries of our church :) D's appreciation of language and conduct solidified my own gratitude for the "Barrier" of rules within this mission. Having that determination to be obedient has blessed Elder Allen and myself greatly; developing a higher plane of living and thought. 

Love you very much President. 
I am loving this time and understanding: Truth will prevail. 
Elder Cooper 
Bolton England"

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

October 24, 2016

So refreshing as always mamma to read your weekly letter:) There is oh so much to cover in simple emails:) Wish I could just reach through the computer for a nice hug but the spirit lets me know you are safe and loved.
Elder A is doing do well and progressing very rapidly.  I think back to my first weeks in the ACTUAL Mission Field and I just have to enjoy the patience of being a trainer. I know nothing will be easy in this work and attached is one of the most profound yet simple truths president has said to me about trust....
I will never forget the leadership within this church and I ponder regularly how well organized the church actually is. Yet we are still such a minority in this troubled world, it is so bittersweet knowing we have such truth and the people sitting beside me will not even give Christ the time of day in their busy lives. They do not realize nothing would be possible… NOTHING!!!! AHHHH hahahha I absolutely loved this week. The spirit does wonders with imperfect goofs like me. I had such a beautiful spiritual experience on Saturday as we talked to people in Bolton Square. A. is GOLD.  I just do not want to scare him away hahaha! He already loves the Book of Mormon and I know Satan is going to work so hard to confuse and confound him. He ALWAYS does. 
In the Multi-Zone Conference we focused on Priesthood Ordinances and I was curious if Father has ever dedicated our home? If not, I will let him know to do so; such a cleansing process. Honestly, the Gospel is everything… it kinda scares me. Thank you for your wise words and counsel. There is so much love in the world between Missionaries and their Moms!
"If we were ever judged of being followers of Christ, would there be enough evidence to convict us?" This question has lingered in my mind for some time and it’s so true that our actions and intent show and as we centered our lives on Christ our demeanor changes completely.
Light will never be overcome by darkness.
FIX YOU -COLDPLAY..... The Lights will guide you home.... But we have to WORK!!!

Fall and winter is soon upon us in England and we change our clocks this coming Sunday!
Love you dearly and speak to you soon! 
Much English love,
Elder Cooper
Bolton England   

"President Ulrich!
Bolton Elders alive and AMBITIOUS for Christ! I have had such a miraculous week and it just keeps getting more and more fruitful. What a powerful transition since the coming of President Russell M. Nelson:) The following Multi-Zone Conference was filled with spiritual abundance and Elder Allen and myself are striving to use the Atonement to better serve those who surround us each day! What a rewarding full time job. To devote all that we have physically, spiritually and emotionally has allowed me to glimpse the rewards of complete subjection to the will of our Father in Heaven. I have worked so hard this week trying to raise that bar within my own stewardship with the spirit and also the trio with the spirit, Elder A and I. Trials do not wait for when we are ready, no matter what our preparedness is, trials will come and Satan is ALWAYS sending battalions of opposition to prevent this work from its glory. It has happened far too often in these past couple weeks that we work with such wonderful children of God and then they are lured by propaganda of the world and delve far deeper than they can comprehend. However, no soul can plunge deeper than the effects of the loving Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ; that I firmly believe and know as I have applied that in my life and strive to become even with the burdens that are a catalyst for growth. I shared the Mormon message about "Bearing our Burdens with Hope"-(Elder Bednar) and the Happiness we can find each day by living the gospel. The spirit directed something to my attention that I had not fully comprehended the many times I had watched this exact same message. We find happiness with our burdens when we come to the understanding that they are helping build our perfected potential, and that is made possible only by being yoked with our loving Savior. 
Obedience within Morning and Evening planning has become so much present inviting the spirit to teach and to testify. I know that had led for the focus and prompting to talk to our new friend , A. in the square on Saturday where I was able to testify to him of the truthfulness of the gospel. All in attendance felt the spirit so strongly… I honestly wanted to cheer! It was a beautiful turning point in this mission experience thus far and I have invited him to be baptized on Nov 5th! We are praying and pondering for that to be made so and we missed him greatly at church yesterday. He explained he is immensely busy working for the airport and I know that as he makes this his priority he will hunger for the spirit. This work is so fulfilling and I am so joyful knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time.

We have received many referrals and look forward to meeting with such wonderful friends:) Our Goal is to work on bridging the gap between the mission work and the members in the Bolton ward and we are trying to best use our leaders to be involved. I still am looking for ways to increase the passion for missionary work and we are hosting a mission fireside this coming Friday. This event should/ will be a night of change where all can share experiences and testimony of missionary efforts and we can unite in our purpose to invite ALL to receive these glorious blessings. We have been teaching many member present lessons and we have seen such great success. Looking forward to helping others make those sacred covenants through the restored power and authority of the priesthood. I would echo my comments last week by expressing my gratitude for the Melchizedek Priesthood :) I have been able to physically and spiritually witness many miracles by the humility of such service. 
The words spoken in our interview were oh so very empowering and I have done my best to propel the work with Elder A and also with our unique and loving friends. Very excited to progress and seek greater instruction this week in Elder A’s First Five Weeks! So honored to be a trainer and thankful for the words you expressed. "Trust is greater than Love, For Heavenly Father Loves all His Children yet he will only TRUST the few/chosen".   I hope to never forget the impact that your example has made. Thank you.
Love you President Ulrich and your extraordinary companion! 

Till then,
Elder Cooper
Bolton England

This is in a Church near Preston that we had a tour through. So historical. From my MTC days.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

October 17, 2016

Dearest Momma:)
There is such sunshine in my soul today!
Something that was shared by Elder A.'s Mom was that: Great Missionaries, help train GREAT missionaries to become GREATER missionary trainers! Mothers are so brilliant! I love you so much.
Thank you for that glorious letter. It made me beam with light:) Everything has been sooooo centered on JOY and I am so happy to share a few simple thoughts with you as there are many to share! 
President Ulrich shared in our train the trainers weeks ago that being a trainer is the greatest trust that he can have in any missionary. I feel so honored but I am absolutely terrified at times knowing I am accountable of having the salvation of many souls in my hands... all 531 Pages of it. 
The event with President Nelson was one of the greatest things of my life. Such power and devotion in a seemingly normal, yet EXTRAordinary Apostle of the Savior. He filled the room when he entered. Such a divine experience meeting him in the flesh! OKAY OKAY Soooooo Elder K. W. of Cardston, Alberta was asked BY President Russell M. Nelson to be at the Pulpit next to him and share his thoughts and testimony about the Book of Mormon.  Talk about life changing...... He is great friend of mine… no pressure Elder W. 

Thoughts from the Conference.
-Russell M. Nelson- My suffering was swallowed up in my joy !!!
- Elder Yamashita- We are ambitious as we.... Serve faithfully, endure nobly, pray fervently, partake worthily! The Lord is so personal…I love it!

At our meeting we had Bishop and Sister Causse, Elder and Sister Johnson (Seventy), Elder and Sister Halstrom, Elder P. Homer (Area Seventy) and President Russell M. Nelson and Wendy, his brilliant wife.
They all spoke on central topics of Joy, Repentance And the Atonement! So crucial to understand and live and I wish I could write for hours!
One thing that stuck out to me that I would love to share is, Sis. Nelson spoke of modern revelation and keeping modern with following the prophets and apostles.  She is so humorous and I loved her experiences of being with so many inspired and devoted servants of the Lord…being one herself! 

Elder V. and myself have crossed paths and we took a photo but he has not sent it to me yet... that bum!
So hard staying in touch with everyone! Stress for a positive reason.

Love that you are spending all the time that you can in the house of the Lord! I want to buy a tent and live on the grounds…sound good to you? Would you support that??
Love you always and forever. As long as I’m living your baby I will be!
Momma thank you for all that you do! The Final thought from Sister Johnson was that ALL the mommas of the missionaries are proud and I sure hope you are. I am honestly striving to fulfill all that I can! Baptisms shall come soon:)
I have made some of the greatest friends here and I have felt both that I want to leave Bolton and that I desperately need to stay. We will see what happens the next couple months. Oh and I heard 10ish weeks till Christmas???? What the flip?????
Sooooo Sooooonnnnn
Till next, Filled with love and happiness as always,

Elder Cooper
Bolton England
''President Ulrich,

Hope your week has been beautiful as Elder A. and I have been so happy this week. The time is so enriching and I took so much from our meeting with President Russell M. Nelson:) What an opportunity of a lifetime to participate in something so sacred. I absolutely loved how Elder Johnson of the Area presidency said, this event is truly historical. With the President of the Quorum of the Twelve, The Presidency of the Seventy and Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What an opportunity:)

P-day Emails are always so stressful for me and I am doing my best to overcome the headache that is inhibiting my ability to think. First off, Elder A. and I have been getting on very well. Many times to grow and many areas to improve in. Like ''They say,'' Rome wasn't built in a day. Parallel to that statement missionaries strive continuously to become what is intended and expected of them by our Heavenly Father. Plus seeing as we have just been visited by President Russell M. Nelson change has already become.  Elder A. is progressing so well! He has a thirst for the gospel and wishes he could just read the scriptures all day. I have felt that way many times and it is the passion for the gospel that we strive to instill within those we teach. 
Our teaching has gone very well and with a member present it has been such a powerful additional witness of the truthfulness and change that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings.  As our investigators are struggling at times I am doing my best to seek Heavenly Father’s counsel, yet I feel so inadequate to the challenges at hand considering I know very little about preparing for someone to be baptized.  I have found much to study regarding preparation in both scriptures, preach my gospel and my humble prayers. It has really been a wonderful experience praying for specific names and seeking them throughout the day. It is more or less the ultimate game of hide and go seek spiritually.
Our Dear friend M.C. that we brought to the mission fireside had the fire of the gospel within him and now as he has spoken with his family and friends he seems tainted and more determined in his Catholicism than ever. I have prayed continually and strive to have his family be together forever and I will not force him to make that decision.  Like it has been said, ''Conversion is personal between God’s children'' and with his dementia he has been struggling to remember and act on what we have taught. I was so happy when we visited last week and he wrote down all his questions about 1 Nephi and about Joseph Smith and Moroni! He had such a sincere desire to seek for the truth and he knows IT IS TRUE! He just needs some time to explain that to his family. I will never forget M.C. and I know we have made a positive impact on his life for eternity even if he is not baptized right away.
I have felt such change in these past four months and I know I will continue to change for a long time yet. There is so much I have taken from the meeting this past week and I am excited for the coming Multi-Zone Conference this week as well. So many powerful meetings in such a short break.
Bolton is strong and progressing and we have continued to righteously exercise our priesthood to offer blessings to all that are struggling. I have gained such a divine appreciation for the priesthood and I love how this mission will show my commitment to this privileged power and authority. Always willing to repent and grow and I am thankful we get to text you every morning to show that obedience. Hope you are doing well, we pray for you always!

Love you President and Sister Ulrich,
Elder Cooper

Bolton England''
October 10, 2016

Ah P Day again my Beautiful Mother!
So firstly I have had the most adventurous and exciting Preparation day today and I will simplify all so I can express most of everything.
This morning Elder A and I left our flat waiting for the bus to go to Rivington Pike (Castle Ruins near Horich... 25 mins to get to the base and about an hour to trek up)
So we organized with the Elders and Sisters of our district and made the plans to go.
As we were waiting at the bus stop a Motorbike goes flying past and is side swiped by a BMW entering the intersection. It all happened so fast and I would never point a finger however all involved are OKAY!!!!
Brutal situation, however people get caught in very difficult situations and let me tell you I was so ready to bless that man with priesthood power. 
" SIR DO YOU HAVE FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST?"  hahaha  Could you imagine if you had to interview someone before offering a blessing for such a circumstance. Time in every instant is precious and every second on my mission is another second to returning. That thought petrifies me. I absolutely love it here in Bolton and depending on transfers I will be here for CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thank you for all your incredible gifts and love! I cannot express enough to you the time and love that goes into such an appreciated package. Your fulfilling hugs and goodies and the warmth of HOME. Even though father sent me the pictures and it looks like winter has begun! Well I love the snow and I am praying for a white Christmas! Love and joy in the air and all around us. Just one day at a time.  All in all a brilliant week with some beautifully inspired people.

Thank you for your pictures, I cannot wait to share my lovely family with the world.

"President Ulrich,
What a splendid preparation day and accumulated week all in all. So much excitement and I am going to do my very best to express what is needed. 
There is such power within the human body and I have come to know on many occasions that the mind, body and soul are so interconnected. Many times this week I have been able to excel far beyond what I thought capable. Today was also a testament to the physical enduring power as we climbed Rivington Pike. Both body and spirit have grown abundantly since beginning the Lords mission of mortality 20 Years ago and also this time of triumph/also despair for these coming 2 years. Heavenly Father wants us to push ourselves so he can allow us to more fully use HIS Strength and become truly what he would be proud of. I always love the introduction you spoke of yesterday at the mission fireside of Heavenly Father introducing our Savior, Jesus Christ, as someone he was pleased with. I will continually try to live with this in mind for the rest of my life. Such power within the thought of how he would introduce me.... 

The First LAW of Heaven is DIVINE! Obedience really does bring forth the blessings of Heaven. I have earnestly sought repentance for any time missed during this mission and seek to find those who are prepared by faith. I feel so honored to have a companion who has the same vision of aligning our lives to the Lord’s work. We are together for a very sincere and special opportunity.  I really do feel we knew each other and that we will always be brothers of this gospel. Elder A. is excelling and we have worked very hard to build and maintain our teaching pool these past couple weeks! I love every time I introduce him as my son and get to smile because I truly am proud of him and what he holds within his testimony. He is a powerful advocate of this faith and we together await the spiritual revitalization of Russell M. Nelson this coming Satuday, Oct 15th. What an opportunity to start and magnify the mission being instructed by one of the brilliant quorum of the twelve apostles. I feel that honor and I actually feel the same honor with your spirit president. I felt so inspired by the spirit during the Mission Fireside yesterday night and I am so proud our dear friend M.C. was able to accompany us. I really do see the potential that he has in Heavenly Father’s eyes and I seek to help him in any way I can. I think it’s so beautiful when they ask you exactly what the spirit directs:) M.C. is such a blessed man, and I really do love him like family. We have a lot to work through and the confidence and spirit instilled have allowed him to see all things are possible with God in this work! He is changing and soon enough he will be at that pulpit allowing others to hear his conversion. He actually stood in fast and testimony meeting and thanked the church for the love and example of those who attend. He is such a prepared son of God! There is power within this work and nothing will stop this work from progressing. 

Elder A, and myself seek to report our special miracles to you and seek to advance this work here in Bolton! We have continued to memorize The Standard of Truth and Doctrine and Covenants 4. You shall hear from us soon:)
I am allowing Elder A. to talk to everyone we meet and he is gaining the confidence in himself and in his testimony. I truly know he will be a missionary of boldness and love. Following the Savior is the most magnificent gift this world has and people are so blind! I will help Elder A. see his true potential and allow this little kitten to become the lion he is destined to be.
I love this Gospel President and I will work to be all that I can to leave an influence of glory within a confusing world. The soul that shall be truly converted will be my own and I still search for those that are humble and prepared!

Love you President,

Elder Cooper
Bolton England"

My weeks are filled with laughter as Elder A, and myself get along so very well. He is such an inspired missionary and we still have much work yet to accomplish.  We were tracting one night late and knocked on this young woman's door and as the porch light flickered Elder A. said without hesitation, "I saw a pillar of light ....... " just as she opened the door.  It took everything I had to control my laughter.
M.C. Is a man that I started the NO-Smoking program with and he felt discouraged at the lack of immediate success.  Maybe a little too much, too fast. He felt the love and admiration of Elder B. and I and we have sought for opportunities to teach him. He is a born and raised Catholic and he is true to the faith of his fathers... He attended the Mission fireside, which is testimonies of recent converts and then President Ulrich pretty much just testifies and everyone melts with change. It’s beautiful hahah Love it! It”s such power every time and I got to sing in the Choir :) USE YOUR GIFTS TO BLESS OTHERS!!! I absolutely love music and I hope we do something special for Russell M Nelson. AHHHHH SOOOOOO SOOOOOOOONNNNN. I cannot wait.
Elder A. and I have been working with a Portuguese man named F. He is the boyfriend of a dear Christian Orthodox woman I met at a bus stop weeks ago.  It truly was inspired as she was walking through town she saw us (We were speaking to a new investigator, B.) and she patiently waited:) I managed to speak with her and she simply said, "I have a friend that is searching for God, he needs the bible do you have one?" I couldn’t have been happier to help. We met F. the next day at a street display and we have been teaching him with a Portuguese recent convert. The conversion is powerful and I cannot wait till he realizes the change that is within him.
What special opportunities to share the gospel and see the blessings of listening and finding resources of referrals.  Mission  Miracles.

My Mission Pedigree

October 3, 2016 - Happy Conference!

Sister from Utah
Elder Cooper here as always!
So conference was so brilliant! We all gathered in the chapel for all the time changed sessions. I explained to Janae how the times are so strange here and I was just sitting thinking of waffles bacon and fruit!
Glad dad sent me the breakfast layout! It looked delicious and I saw Mike and Erica but no MOM or DAD or JANAE! I would love to see pictures of our family:) I really miss seeing all your beautiful faces.
Could you send me some of the pictures taken pre mission? I would love that and I would CONTINUE to love you forever! * I promise I would never stop loving you ever.
I am glad that my emails are humorous and that you are enjoying life in the duration of these 4 Months. Mom 1/6th what the heck!
I am really just grasping to every second of everyday and trying to talk to absolutely everyone. Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts.
General Conference:
Spiritual Oasis of knowledge! Considering I love missionary work I loved Elder Yamashita! He spoke so eloquently of living with an ambition for Christ and never stopping when the times are tough. What that Elder in his talk did with the prosthetic was powerful. I love that he was sent to strengthen and enrich the faith of those around him. I have seen this as many friends have returned home and they definitely were sent to be examples to me and show me the greater love and blessings that are found within this gospel. The Atonement is key to all that exists. Nothing has, is or will be without being affected of all that Christ fulfilled. The scriptures are coming alive and I wish I had time to just sit anywhere and read all day. It is hard to see the casual nature to which is taken when speaking of such a divine text.
Steak on a bus mmmmm
Something incredibly interesting was said as Elder A., Brother R. and I drove to priesthood session. Brother R. expressed Satan does not make a fright of most confused religion, he targets and attacks all truth on this temporary world and wants the saints to suffer as he suffers. He sends and inspires FALSE Prophets who mislead and distort all that is true in this mortality and it breaks my heart at the fragility and misuse of our intellect.
So many people do not know how to apply themselves and I fear/ await the glory that will follow this chaos we call our modern day.
Nothing but love for you momma!
I miss you and your hugs but know many will be able to hold their babies a lot longer if I can endure and enjoy these simple two years.
Love you love you love you!   

"President Ulrich,
So firstly I have to express how powerful General Conference was! My goodness. It was so nice to be gathered in a small chapel surrounded by faithful saints who are simply trying their best, listening to the inspired words of church leaders. I have taken many changes from this conference and I am continuing to pray for the vision of the Savior in this work. Mostly I have reflected on the timeline of conversion and the precious gift of our agency. I thought about oh so many friends we have been teaching and how I believed I was lacking in some extent. The new found reassurance is that everyone MUST choose for themselves in order to accept and follow Christ. I sat during conference and reflected on my own conversion and what has led me to this position in this present moment 4 months into the greatest mission of my life. I am continuing to trust with all that I have and leap for opportunities to share the gospel with everyone that will listen.
I met this Caucasian Muslim convert (C.) and we spoke for some time at a street display. He is so very kind and we progressed to the topic natural of prophets and scripture and he expressed his confusion about Joseph Smith as many have been polluted by the Medias. We dissolved his confusion and asked his understanding and trust to listen and to feel if what we were saying was true. Elder A. and I felt the spirit so strongly for this man and when we gave the account of Joseph Smith’s first vision, he lit up and we invited him to be baptized. He said he would definitely consider as he wants to best follow God and he found truth in the Muslim faith. The thought "Better to Best" came to mind and we invited him to listen to conference with us. He unfortunately could not attend however we explained the blessing of technology is the access to righteous information and seeking truth on trusted LDS sites. He is building in his faith and we are trying to meet with him as soon as possible. I know he felt the truth of what we had said!
The obedience has been raised significantly this week and I have started to magnify this opportunity. It really is evident the power of obedience. That is exactly what my preparation and initial mission experience revolved around and I know that was for a reason. As Elder A. and I have woken on time we have been able to keep our focus and motivation during our day, seeing the blessings of this work such as that wonderful Muslim man seeking truth. Elder A. is doing very well with the adjusting to the missionary life and he has a wonderful testimony of the restored gospel. I know he can raise the bar of his teaching and service if he can sacrifice that extra sleep to get out of bed. We are both working very hard and I am trying to see if he can follow by example without being prodded. There is always improvement for all of us and in no way am I perfect. I am allowing him to see the identity that he has and showing him how many really are prepared. Faith to find! There are so many searching for an improved life and I am going to work diligently to find them. Instead of I, substitute we, I know I cannot do this work alone. As President Uchtdorf explained use the much needed Amulek’s to progress the Lord’s work! I many times have felt like I have lacked much to fulfil this calling as Satan has really tried distracting me this past week as I have felt greater discouragement, however, I am learning to find joy in my trials and suffering. The work is progressing and I continue to look for ways to be a greater servant and example of this gospel. 
I love you so much President Ulrich and will be seeing you at Russel M. Nelson’s Devotional!

Elder Cooper
Bolton England"

Awe papa smurf wise as always!
I always love reading your emails and its difficult sometimes to not open them until p day knowing they are in my mail! Mom had mentioned how grateful she was that we did not have to snail mail and I would agree 1000000% I have great admiration for the patience of those that communicate without computers or tablets. Paper apparently is so old fashioned now a days. 
This week has been so interesting as I was asked along with Elder B last week to speak and took far too long speaking. Our friend A has now referred to me as Jeffery R Cooper! He always makes us laugh and its never a dull moment in Bolton. 
Elder A and myself are doing well settling in. I love his value of work and he is on my case for writing in my journal. I have quite the backlog of days to write and when I look at it I see really how fast the time has gone! Procrastination at its finest... Mom would be/ (is) proud ... I hope;) I know she is proud but maybe not about my journal writing. To defend myself I fill in my morning study devotional every morning and write inspiring things in my planners. The Pokemon theme just came to mind.... Missionary work gotten catch em all! Haha I love being a missionary and there is always room to grow. 
I loved the Talk yesterday about finding joy in our trials and suffering and although I may not be suffering there is real opposition. Satan is so real and I love going to the temple to learn. No greater place to be. Temple and conference is spiritual GOLD!!! 
I am trying to read the Book of Mormon again and I have taken a soft cover and put Elder Cooper Canada 2016 2018 it is so strange to think I am approaching 1/6th of the time gone. Isn't that a little hard to believe. Time is so unfair but I am making the most of it! 
Fun fact we as a missionary getting the pleasure of seeing Russell M Nelson Oct 15th! 
Cannot wait to shake his hand and hopefully I do the music so I can be on the stand! Blessings:) say hello to the family as the internet went off in the library and we had to panic to send emails! I hope to be emailing everyone but I need to cover the assets. I WILL WRITE MOM, I value my life !😵😅



My first pair of destroyed Shoes. finally dead.