Monday, 29 August 2016

Aug 29/2016

Tadahhhh momma I wake up every morning and think my goodness I am a missionary. 
If only it were all sunshine and rainbows twenty four seven. In all honesty I would not want to live in a perfect world partly because I still want to progress in this one first and also if everyone was perfect the opposition/extreme would dissipate. It's so beautiful to have diversity and the ability to grow. If everyone were perfect in their knowledge faith wouldn't play a central role. We would already know we would simply be waiting for the fulfillment of signs. 
Perfection is to find purpose. It is so fulfilling to be able to fail and fear, as a matter of fact I love it! Without these obstacles we would never learn to develop physical or spiritual balance, learn how to improve or even learn to speak another language.  Especially being a missionary you live this principle of failure and you see it daily. I mean that in a positive way I promise. Always an opportunity to see a miracle. They are small and simple do not miss them. 
So surprise, surprise I neglected to write in my journal and became a procrastinator momma:/ forgive me. Life is busy and I can recall for the most part the events of the week but mostly how I felt! 
There is highs and lows for a reason. This week was filled with some pretty significant events so let's see what the old thinker can do.
Seeing as it is the Bolton Food and drink festival this weekend there are people all around gathering to meet celebrity chefs and have samples of various foods. Delicious by the way! Our district had the opportunity to host a street display in the town square where these tents were set up for the festival! We ended up being moved down to the end of the square to a courtyard after ten minutes of setting up because the area we were in was a congestion point. However, we did not fear, the Lord provides a way. We quickly shifted and began to simply talk to people that were passing by and ended up finding and setting appointments with many children of God!
As explained in my message to President Ulrich the focus has been to develop diligence and I am so happy for every opportunity to talk with people even when my energy is low( trust me it happens ) sad truth. 
We met with E. again and reviewed preparation for Baptism, full speed ahead and we are continuing to pray for her:) She just needs to figure her schedule out so we can teach! The Lord always provides a way😇
Elder B and myself offered many blessings of healing and also comfort this week and I am so humbled to hold the priesthood it really is the power and authority of God. This is His work and He is in charge. Every day I am thankful to wear the name of the Savior next to my own and I strive to be worthy of that call! 
The scriptures are like gold and I should have brought my smaller scriptures, however, do not send them it's okay. I am loving having a fresh start to record promptings and favorite mission scriptures! 

Stay near the Lord and He will stay near you. 
The yoke like a covenant, we must both be willing in order to achieve the potential (Celestial never forget! )
The Savior is knocking on your door but when will you answer it? 

Love you love you love you!!!! 
Elder Cooper 
Bolton England  

"Aug 29th President Ulrich,
What a radiant P-Day! There truly is sunshine in my soul today from being a missionary however, especially from visiting the temple. The temple today was a much needed recharge! I really do love the temple as everyone does. Put simply in words, Home. Some powerful revelation and the realty that I was surrounded by angels was so profound. Everyone really is so beautiful and unique and I am so happy to be united in the house of the Lord with so many :) This would not be possible without so many helpers in the Bolton ward. Especially Sister U.! She is a powerful example of member missionary work and ever so willing to extend a hand of service even with the slow pace that it would take. 
The power of threes; I owe so much to three members of our ward! They are so involved in the missionary work and I am filled with gladness when they are near. 
Yesterday in sacrament a friend (Andy) gave a talk on service and commented on how some individuals of this world are drains and some are radiators. Sounds kind of strange I know, however, as he expounded it was evident this is true in the church as members and also as missionaries. "Drains" as titled are leeches of energy and spirituality; trying to bring us down and distract from the work the Lord wishes us to accomplish. Here in life only to spend time and wasting it without a purpose. 
"Radiators" spend their day soloing outward for opportunities to bless others out of Christ like love and not for acknowledgement. I enjoyed how this is so nicely expressed, "it's just what WE do." This allowed me to assess where I am as a missionary and what I can I improve on this week? What else can I build upon and refine? Not simply what can I make of this? Everyone to some degree or another is given the materials to succeed and progress especially as missionaries! It's what can be refined and applied, not just to be learnt and forgotten. This week in the mission will be focused on diligence and love. I have already seen a miracle as I contacted Eunice for one month straight before she answered and we could meet. By always showing I cared she knew I wanted to help and that I actually was a servant of God. She openly thanked Elder B and I "for never giving up because life became chaotic and I could not ever find time". The Lord’s timing is perfect and I am thankful for a simple example of showing someone you care diligently brings forth blessings. She is still dated for the 10th of September to be baptised and Elder B and myself could not be more excited! Ahhh….my first actual investigator baptism. We continually pray for her and plead she will do what she knows to be correct. 
On a deeper note I have noticed Satan trying to impede the progression of this beautiful work! Satan is parasitically in every beautiful thing and he tries more than ever to try and make the children of God, 1 procrastinate and 2 be distracted. These two plots are leading to the disregard of our families, happiness, self worth and the joy of repentance. *No man can serve two masters as it's the equivalent of having a tug of war with your mind and soul. (3 Nephi 13:24) However in chaos there is always moments of peace offered by the one true peacemaker. Prepare, pray, pursue.... Building the understanding of praying with purpose, more than anything I think will be a foundation in these two years. I have only begun:) as I have prayed oh so many times there are countless opportunities to pray for others and especially where to go! Learning to pray always for direction is crucial. Start, it's the hardest part, the Lord will take you where He needs you. Every opportunity can be a miracle.*
This week has required much diligence and the call to pronounce blessings by the priesthood. I choose not to express all my feelings of these events mostly because of time but also they are very special to me. Not simply special but sacred. 
The miracle for me this week was a blessing Elder B and myself gave to an ill member in the hospital. We were praying and felt prompted to go visit a LA not too far from the hospital. We received a phone call from a member family whose father was unwell. Perfect timing! He was physically uncomfortable for some time and hadn't been able to sleep very well, if at all. He doesn't speak English very well therefore communication was already difficult. We opened with a prayer and offered the blessing. The moment we closed the blessing I felt the spirit say let him be at peace and I saw his whole body relax. A physical manifestation of his faith and the power of the priesthood. It was the first time I had witnessed something so bold and felt the spirit so strongly. I will never forget this experience and I cannot deny the depth of the priesthood.
If anything from this experience I understood that Heavenly Fathers plan is exceptionally perfect and we need only listen to know where/how to follow. As well as the key of FAITH in the healing power of the priesthood! 
Love you both ever so much!
Elder Cooper 
Bolton England"

Monday, 22 August 2016

August 22, 2016

Dearest family,
I have read everyone's emails and I loved them oh so much, such joy to see those I love sharing more light of home and your strength in the gospel! 

So my week was filled with becoming as dearest mother said last week. 
People are actually being fined for splashing people with puddles here in England. I will be completely honest I would just love to splash through the puddles here! It's like Lake Michigan every intersection and it's mid August, like whaaattt. Staying dry and yes my feet have improved slowly but surely. It’s always the small things that make the difference.
Seeing the miracles each day and all the hard work pays off! We have dated our friend Eunice for baptism! The middle of Sept 10th or 17th, there is many family record baptisms during September and we are hoping to have more than one!!! 
I saw the most shocking thing Saturday before our street display in the rain, some grandmother was helping her grandson pee on the side of the Bolton mall! I was like REPENT Madame!!!! They have bathrooms in malls for a reason. It had to make my weekly letter, needed to let the world know how uneasy I was. 
England is finally starting to feel like England! It has rained pretty sporadically and we sing there is sunshine in my soul today, on repeat. There is ever so much to be happy about:) Being a missionary is not all sunshine and rainbows and it truly is about being the best that you can be. 
I have progressed in my knowledge and I loved growing up in the church. Studying all the doctrine now makes me realise how golden primary was more than ever. Being able to learn the articles of faith and sing primary songs is a nostalgic experience to say the least. The foundation you build is essential! I still love to this day the wise/ foolish man and their experiences with adversity. It is ever so present in the modern day that the world is taking captivity over the will of the children of God and persuading wickedness to be appealing and rewarding. 
Boldly stated WICKEDNESS NEVER WAS ( or ever will be) HAPPINESS! However it is so special to see a son or daughter of God realise their potential to become and triumph over the worlds grasp. 
My testimony is built on that of the fullness of the Atonement of our Brother Jesus Christ, and when the day shall come where will you be standing? 
Mosiah 18:9
3 Nephi 5:13
Doctrine and Covenants 5:32 

Oh exciting story before I sign off. Elder B and I took the wrong bus the other night and ended up getting lost... I understand that Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and He sent us prepared individuals that we could teach this coming week. There is miracles even in Chaos my friends. 
Another funny story is the multi-languages in England. Daily, Elder B and I have talked to individuals who do not speak English this causes a barrier..  I am praying for the gift of tongues! In all seriousness it's like a game of charades and I love being more completely with how to teach with actions and physical mannerisms. If anything it keeps us on our toes and always smiling😆 

Love you all very much take care :) 
Elder Cooper

His letter to President Ulrich….

Another week has passed and I am shocked at how quickly time disappears. Quite powerless we are to the subjectivity of time. It is talked about so freely and yet we cannot imagine the vast expansion of the eternity to follow. Only that we can aspire and inspire others to receive such promise through a covenant keeping mortality:) 
I was inspired recently by a fellow elder from my MTC group who is serving in Germany. As explained, "First NEVER Follows." I let that resonate and determined where do I set myself in the work? Also where does Heavenly Father see or want me to be? Surely he wants all his missionaries to succeed and sometimes that may mean that you build yourself through service or you are always tracting or that you teach constantly. As long as you give your absolute best, you will not regret the use of your time. That being said, "oh be wise", using the power of prayer seek guidance from the Holy Ghost. However I have studied and concluded that we have the precious gift of agency and we need to act not just ask. 
This lesson was well learned and very important as it applies to the motivation of improved time management for this transfer. I myself want to strengthen and re-activate many sheep that have wandered as well as build the teaching pool in the Bolton Area. Elder B and I work hard each day to find those that need inspiration only the gospel can bring and we seek for that inspiration ourselves each morning as we study. There is always room for improvement! There is one more child of God waiting to find that truth and I am terrified of losing that opportunity. I have tried to internalize what I teach especially in regards to giving out best and the atonement is for everyone. I often feel as a missionary that I fall short of perfection and for good reason; as I am not expected to maintain perfection. I have made a covenant to apply myself and BECOME better each day, by doing the hardest thing know.... Forgiving myself and setting goals. I must say, I have not sought to be perfect. I only seek to find small and simple improvements where I can apply the atonement and live and learn what I profess. I love seeing the miracles each day and I continually gain the reality of this work each day. 
Recently (Sat 20th /Sun 21st) the Bolton Sisters' investigator was baptized and confirmed the newest member of the Bolton ward in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:) What an experience to be in attendance and adding to that excitement I was able to baptize her! This will be my first investigator baptism since I have been on my mission and I know it will not be the last. Working with many friends to further their love and understanding of Jesus Christ:) I will never forget day one as Elder B offered me a Missionary planner that stated "teach repentance, baptize converts", that will never leave my memory. That being said.... Our friend E. has just accepted to follow the example of Jesus Christ as well and is to be baptized Sept 10th! Elder B and myself could not be more excited and we are building the teaching pool each day. More to follow and still much to report in days to come. 
We thank you oh so much for your expertise and counsel in all matters and we continue to pray for you and your extraordinary companion.

Love and Regards,
Elder Cooper 

Bolton England 

Monday, 15 August 2016

August 15, 2016

Hope you all are having a beautiful day!
The work as I explained is always a little tough. Both physically and spiritually demanding and it finally caught up to me.
So this Sabbath day I was asked to give a talk 10-15 mins on the Origins of The Book of Mormon. I centered it mostly on how we best apply the foundations of the gospel in our home.
Just as the Book of Mormon starts with prophets, prayer, families and the importance of their records. We each are recording the doctrines and revelations we have received in our minds and hopefully we have recorded them for our own children. Something I was never proficient at was my journal writing, however through study and making habits I have made it a priority even when time is short. There really is blessings in writing what the Lord has inspired us with, or even just the accounts of our day.
Make every day count.
“Aug 11th.
England actually poured today and it finally felt like a weather filled day. So much chaos and I have gained the understanding the three greatest things you have on a mission in England are;
the spirit, your companion, and an umbrella. Thank goodness for all three! 
All of these glorious things keep you protected in so many ways!
Probably one of my favourite entries!”
FOOD, we are doing the best we can and the members are taking care of us. Sorry I never took a photo of the 4 dessert Tea appointment, I would have been ashamed asking for a picture plus I really never bring my camera.
There is always room to improve.
Love you all very much running out of time!
Peace in the gospel, 
Elder Cooper
President Ulrich! 
Such a pleasure to have contact with you during the week; brings much sunshine into my soul talking to you! Thank you for your advice and constant example. This week honestly has been one of the most trying as far as rejection may come. We had a total of 14 appointments fall through and it is ever so present that Satan is trying his hardest to confuse, distract and discourage not only ourselves but our investigator friends! However the Bolton area has definitely developed the love of hymn 227. I have never sung that song more in my life hahah. It has also been an incredibly miraculous week finding those that are prepared :) I can see Heavenly Father’s involvement; sending those that are prepared in our path and I continually pray that I can be receptive to those promptings. 
Meeting with Noel twice this week, I could think of your words... "Now, let's get you baptised:)" I cannot exactly recall where I heard that mentioned but it was to your account; must have been the first five weeks. It is always incredibly powerful listening and being in those events and the recent convert fireside made the desire for my friends of the church to receive that immense blessing. I have gained the understanding of agency in all aspects this week. As difficult as this week was I noticed the fulfilment of being obedient to the schedule. It was difficult the last couple days as I was working very hard on my talk, which went well I might add:). And waking up early (515 )to write in my journal/ finish my talk, was often difficult after working a long and strenuous day. If anything I love how missionary work is both a physical and spiritual work out! You always have to put in the effort to see results and those results have come! 
Many new friends of the church and also powerful opposition have proven the effectiveness and saving power of this mission. There will always be opposition however we can perceive our personal and companion situation in order to best overcome. I love that being a missionary is not about being perfect or fitting a mold. We all can still express our personal gifts and talents to further the lords work, especially when we may feel at our lowest. 
*Heavenly Father recognizes and rewards righteous sacrifice! Often as missionaries we look at what we have given up and sometimes miss what we have gained in the grand scheme of things! Our sacrifices are rewarded in this errand of angels by the changes made by our new friends seeing the fruits of righteous living. All the more frustrating though when they reject what they have come to know. Learning and personally understanding that everyone is afraid of change is something natural and part of mortality. If anything this first transfer has centered on my personal development of patience and optimism. President, I absolutely love being able to stay in Bolton as I feel ever so invested in the seeds of faith that have been planted and I look forward to watching these children of God further that progression to follow Christ! I am honored to be staying with Elder B. We have hit the ground running since day one... in quite the literal sense though. He may be slightly vertically challenged yet he keeps pace, if not surpasses me! He is an incredible example of diligent hard work, and boldness to testify and preach loving repentance. We have made a goal to improve our time management this transfer and we are putting our best into this work. 
We also received the invitation to progress to hold a UK drivers license. Is there a specific date we need to complete that by? All we can say is it shall be done and thank you for this opportunity. 
Still praying for you and your spectacular companion. Thank you for all that you do and the expectations in this, the England Manchester Mission. 

Sincerest Regards, 
Elder Cooper 
Bolton England " 

I will have extra time in the library; Elder B and I are staying in BOLTON!!!! 
This week has gone so fast and it has already been a transfer. Crumbs (equivalent of dang it) people! 
If I had to simplify this week: As explained in my letter to President I have learned patience in absolutely everything and the capacity to learn the small and simple things. 

Music really has brought miracles. Elder B and I were exhausted from tracting and we simply prayed for a miracle as we waited for the bus. We felt prompted to start singing some hymn 227, life is all about sunshine family, it really is. Especially in England! A young woman walked our way and we tried to talk ... Rejection, family with a baby, not interested. Finally, a young woman who was blasting music walks by and we get her attention. Learned she was trying to track down a bus and we got talking, her name is Inessa - she is a miracle. We talked past our bus stops and made a commitment to meet her this Thursday. It is always the last house or last child of God you talk too that needs that message you bring. Still working hard to bring others to come unto Christ however for now the master is allowing me to plant seeds. Momma, I'm a gardener in the most fertile field of work. It rains constantly and I get to plant seeds of faith. Sooner or later they will sprout🌳 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Beautiful family, 

I finally have an IPad! Both a blessing and a curse in many ways. It's so much slower for me to write on an iPad because I am built like an orangutan and have the thumbs of a hippo.... Really it all comes down to time. I am trying to stay relaxed and best message everyone I intend to but my time is limited hahaha😊 sounds like I am in the mafia…honestly, it could be possible considering Elder Benigni is Italian and barely speaks English. Joking, joking... Well he is improving. To me, he is a testament of the gift of tongues! I originally thought I would love speaking another language and now just being a missionary is stressful enough. Heavenly Father knows our limits and capabilities and wants the greatest growth in the most compassionate way. All learning should be out of love and when you are walking around with blisters those words, "forget yourself" trust me they become real. The spirit is a powerful senior companion and I am humbled to be learning so much. I have loved having the leadership of Elder Benigni, he works very hard and though he is a foot shorter than me he is keeping in stride if not light jogging beside me;)  He sets the pace actually and I love his passion for the Gospel. Attached are some photos of the Bury Collaborate (Collabor8 😂  ) It was a multi-culture, multi-faith event hosted by the bury police centered on reducing hate crime and ensuring a level of love and respect amongst faiths. It was quite the experience and I loved the diversity that surrounded us. Even when we have what's called street display we have people from all walks of life seeking for truth.  (Or on the other hand telling you that you are wasting your time.)  I honestly have prayed to love those Children of God who had the opportunity to learn and continually rejected this glad message.  So incredibly grateful for our family and to have been converted in my own way to The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
In the passage of my mission letter below I love the power of the spirit as we taught Noel! He has been with the missionaries for months now and I cannot wait to see him get baptised:) Soon, very soon. I studied Samuel the Lamanites example in the end of Helaman which reinforced the power of standing alone and being firm in your beliefs. The spirit works miracles and I have felt that burning in my bosom, never had I felt it like that.
*President made a Black list of words such as Awesome, Guys, Cool, Wicked... Pretty much casual language . His goal is to help us be better equipped to be messengers of the Lord and witnesses of the truth.  I actually felt the spirit leave during a lesson when a member helped us and he said the gospel is awesome dude. I for once felt the discomfort of having the spirit leave so suddenly. It was very real and I worked hard to invite the spirit again as we testified of truth! 

"President Ulrich, 
Another beautiful day in Bolton England! I am writing this letter on my iPad for the first time so forgive me :)
This week has proven to me the power of Heavenly Fathers plan and the timing of spiritual impressions. I have witnessed miracles every day and putting names to those miracles is such a tremendous blessing. 
Elder Benigni and myself have inquired of the Lord to how to best improve out time management allowing the Lord’s work to progress. Such as it states in the standard of truth “nothing shall stop the work from progressing” even the plans of a young missionary. I have been learning every day, let the spirit guide. I do not want to miss an opportunity to share my testimony and I am working my hardest to put aside the minor inferiorities that I have and put this work in the Lord’s hands.  Every day I can wake up and find purpose/motivation in talking to a stranger who needs the hope and happiness that the fullness of the gospel can bring. I have put into practice what we learned as missionaries the first five weeks with sharing the light of Christ physically. In many circumstances I have shaken hands with someone and born my testimony only for them to tell me they have a deeper need and didn't know who could help today. I can simply smile and say I know exactly who can help you every day, our Saviour and brother, Jesus Christ. I have loved street displays more and more since I have arrived and I am now striving to find the spiritual diamonds that Heavenly Father has prepared each display and of course every day. I have taken the focus of finding what my purpose and vision is with Father in Heaven and I have immense love for my patriarchal blessing. It truly is a testament of the power of the priesthood and the foundation of prayer. 
I was able to give a blessing once this week to bring clarity to a friend and trying each day to best magnify the priesthood to which I am humbled to hold. Our friend, Noel is progressing to baptism, however he is still unsure of a date. He has declined the elders many times in the last months past and when I arrived he said yes and wanted to progress! Unfortunately, he has taken the same lax habits as before and his fear is a painful burden. He came with a goodbye letter in hand on Thursday and told me he had bad news letting us know he couldn't accept baptism. Confident in the spirit I told him we would not be parting ways as I knew he had a thirst for the spirit and a hunger to keep learning about the Book of Mormon. Elder Benigni, Bro. Tony Ryan and myself supportively discussed the gospel and boldly ushered him to keep on fighting. Just as you would not swim halfway across a lake and turn around you should not be committed to something only to quit halfway and leave. There is great purpose to this process and I love how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has shaped his character:) He is a changed young man and I love his intellect to progress, I just want him to understand that he will be burnt out if he keeps running around the track without a finish line. This makes us spiritually burnt out and will either lose motivation or be completely exhausted! This is far too important a blessing to simply walk away from. I loved this lesson and it was powerful to me in so many ways. 
Elder Benigni and I have found some new friends and we look forward to meeting with Oliver, Collin and Dave, Anne, Amy, Jess, and David this week to inspire with the spirit the truths to be built upon in Christ.
Although the process is often difficult it has proved to me the worth of the reward. Sacrifice is crucial to Christ’s plan and I am ever so thankful to be here in Bolton, England! The members are lovely and we sure are being taken care of. The work will continue to progress and if it be the Lord’s will we can bring a lovely child of God to be baptized. Bold as a lion yet understanding in all things. Trying to focus and harvest the fruits of the vineyard, it shall be done. 
Love you and your inspirational wife. Thank you for your example and prayers.
Elder Cooper 
Bolton England "

Still working very hard for a prepared child of God for baptism but I am finding joy in the journey. 
The members are taking care of us and I cannot wait to see if we get more missionaries in Bolton next transfer (1 week and a bit) !!! Hope Elder Benigni stays :/ 
Love you so very much and wish you a safe week.

 Bury!!!! This is the White Field District plus President Ulrich and Sister Ulrich 
The Mayor of Bury even graced us with his presence 😂 This was also on the bury website. 
Mom we are famous!!!! 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Here is my letter to President this week:)

"Good afternoon President Ulrich,

Another beautiful week in Bolton, England and many experiences all of which Elder Benigni and I learned from. Nevertheless all the day we keep smiling and continually pray for the spirit. Satan is working ever so hard to stop this work from progressing! It is very present that he is doing everything he can with his limited resources to stop the enlightenment and inspiration of the spirit to the hearts of each child of God. What a powerful work to be involved in.
This week proved trying for Elder Benigni and I as pretty much all our appointments ended up falling through or being rescheduled. Thank goodness for the comfort of planning. I would say that has been the focus of my week is effectively planning and pursuing the spirit in all that we do every day. It has been said many times and I truly believe that there really is not perfect timing, just missed opportunities. So as  a missionary you do the very best you can and Heavenly Father makes your worthy diligence perfect by making His plan perfect. Hope that makes sense. On Friday we went to visit some less active members and as we walked to the bus stop we knocked an investigators house only to find out he would not answer the door. Carrying on we knocked a door and met Rachel who seemed to be desperate for change and desired hope for herself and her family. Taught a lesson on the door step and made a next appt leaving her with a question to ponder. Continuing on to the bus, we found our investigator Mubarak just in time for the bus to arrive! Heavenly Father’s timing couldn’t have been more inspired. I loved that experience because as we go out of our way to fulfill Heavenly Father’s will He makes perfect servants out of imperfect individuals.
Elder Benigni and I are so very happy to be working together. Every day is a recognition of the divinity of companionship and the power of prayer. We have accepted and are committed to the AP's instruction to be more united and understanding in each companionship. It shall be done!
Patience is definitely one of my flaws as a child of God and I have loved being able to rely on the spirit to let me see and love each individual we meet every day. No matter what state they are in, I have been able to help them understand that the message we bring is far more lasting than anything the world can supply. That message presses on and every day is a day to improve. I have been able to understand in my first month that it truly is the simple things that make the greatest impression on others and building is brick by brick. Use the correct materials given and focus on the work at hand, for there is a dead line and this is the work of the Lord.
Very quickly my favorite moment this week was teaching Noel the worth of each soul and that Heavenly Father is never going to despise us if we are ripped up and thrown to the ground, thinking we are worth very little. I took £20 and held it front of him and asked him what is this? He quickly responded and asked if he could have it... I crumpled it up and threw it on the ground; shocking both Noel and Elder Benigni! I then asked would you still want this. Thinking it was a trick question he sat in silence, this allowed the spirit to re-enforce the message :) He then responded and explained that even though bad things might have happened to or with this, it is still worth much! We are worth much and I am thankful for the spirits confirmation of this simple yet powerful truth. We have been blessed to repent and have great worth, never to forget our celestial heritage. That was the beginning of the lesson and the lesson went incredibly well - teaching the restoration and then we actually ended up giving Noel a Priesthood blessing. So humbled by the privilege to magnify this calling and the priesthood for which we hold.

There is immense Power in the Priesthood.   I am so very thankful for worthy examples of such a power, and it is a confirmation of the true church every day and every moment.
Love you, See you this Wednesday.
Elder Cooper
Bolton, England

Out of space I have to use another message hahaha

I am sure you can imagine how stressed I was/ am when I write my weekly letters with 0 to -1 minutes of time.
I found out the sad truth that I cannot write hand written letters during the week either.

EXPLANATION...The Pictures were:
Crazy Poses- Whitefield District. Silly yet profound missionaries ;)
The family is a member reactivated her name is Pauline and I refer to her as Sister P. She is like a missionary.
Celebration of Life mostly. Hahaha!  It was actually Pauline's Birthday:)
It has been a fantastic week and I have loved studying every morning.
I have a binder of talks and I would invite you to read :
Cheryl Esplin’s talk about the mirror / frame focus
Labourers of the Vineyard -Holland
Come what may - Wirthlin I know you already love this one ;)
The Sacramental Covenant -  Melvin J Ballard. This was so powerful, read before sacrament!
Character of Christ Bednar. Studied in the MTC and I have absolutely loved applying/ trying to improve hahaha!

Side note I imagine Return Missionaries feel like Tarzan....
Elder _______ - Jane, Jane -  Elder _______ hahhahah so funny in my mind
Love you all!
Elder Cooper

Bolton. England