Monday, 6 November 2017

Sorry we have been terribly tardy in posting Elder Cooper's letters.  If you would like to receive email forwards instead then please contact me.  Hope you are all doing AMAZING!!!
Cindy (AKA The Momma :)

November 6, 2017

Momma Goose!
Your Matchless love is felt around the globe:) It has been a joy to realise the worth of each soul and understand the growth that comes when we stop worrying and NIKE Just do It! I have been thinking a lot about how we see others and what vision we can have of seeing " Through Heavens Eyes". It is very easy to choose the selfish path in life however the study of Christ and his character enlightens the mind and lightens any load.
I am so thankful for your message this week and a lot of my questions in life have been answered as I really stopped focusing on what I wanted to know and started focusing on how I could be an instrument in the hands of deity. What an honour! We all have sensitivity to the God of All Creation WHAT?!?! Is this real life? I couldn't help but laugh recently as the streets in England are still covered in rain and Home is already becoming a winter wonderland/ nightmare. What a contrast. To be honest I am a huge fan of the snow... I may be regretting those words in a few years but you never realise what you love until it is not there anymore. 
Thank you yet again for your inspiration and love. 
Jolly old England is wonderful especially as we are starting # LightTheWorld very soon. we just received the cards and had the joy of sharing them with those prepared souls in Blackburn area. right now our Ward Mission Leader has been released and we are in need of a new one. haha The blind leading the blind what a sight ;)
Nothing is incredibly new in my life. I have not gained any weight which is a plus! I have been blessed with much chicken pasta and rice but we try to get as many coloured foods as we can.
I would really love teeth whitening at some point in time. The material here for dentistry isn't very effective but Sister W, Soon to be M, was going to be a pal and send me some when she goes home. So I guess we will see if that works out.
I had the wonderful opportunity to have a Baptismal Interview with a friend from the Chorley Sisters ( W and M) her name is L! She is going to be baptised this coming weekend and we really want to bring A to see the baptism.
Elder W and I are doing well together and as he prepares to return home I am doing all within my power to stay focused. Sometimes we just need to " Mourn with those that mourn and Celebrate a return to life for a friend." ahah I think that's how the scripture goes.
Elder V is nowhere near me but I know he exists haha does that count? I am very thankful we both changed and became better men through Christ. Its quite funny when you see someone from your childhood change. It is often hard to see it in yourself.
I talked to C L recently and got his email. I am looking forward to staying in contact.

We are now planning to go and climb Darwen Tower. Its is very nice and Elder W wanted to go before his time is up.
ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN .... Hahah okay that was a little evil but He talks about it all the time ;)
Its totally okay to laugh at this picture! Elder W and I were having a photo shoot with Carl ( The Camel ) He is really photogenic ! 
I love you and Will protect our family against galactic dangers. 
# Gaurdians of The Galaxy

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Guess who got to spend Sacrament meeting with our Elder Cooper today? We are so excited to see that the Phillips family were able to find him. We do wish it was us there giving the hugs but so awesome. Thanks!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Hello wonderful Friends and Family, 
Because of the excitement of the day today time has run very short. 
We got to go the TEMPLE!!!!
It is always such a time of revelation and peace sometimes it's hard to leave. I actually never want to go and today was such a special opportunity as most of the missionaries in The England Manchester Mission got to attend. Many familiar faces and reuniting with friends returning home. 
I have had a lot of time to think about the sacred time of Missionary Service and the promises made in the temple and baptism. We all promise to be witnesses of Christ and sometimes we need reminding. 
In The Book of Mormon we are reminded many times how the pride cycle works and how the natural man is an enemy to god which leaves much Area to assess where we stand with god now. This moment is what matters. Joshua in the Bible says Choose this day. We cannot choose tomorrow so serve god today, likewise we cannot change Yesterday. 
Be a disciple of Jesus Christ today in word and deed. 

We met many new miracles this week whom we believe Heavenly Father has prepared to accept the gospel and keep those commitments. 
To follow up with last week S. unfortunately has not returned our messages but we will be calling by to see her as soon as possible. 
K. our young friend who we helped move house actually started reading The Book of Mormon and realized Heavenly Fathers love for him as he read. There are so many miracles from reading those sacred pages of sacrifice and devotion. President Thomas S. Monson in last conference remarked "If you are not reading The Book of Mormon DAILY please do so." We are promised clarity and confidence as we keep the commandments of our Father. 
My final miracle this week has been Elder L.! I love my companion and he has brought me so much peace. He truly has balanced this work for me at this time in Blackburn. I love him and I am thankful that we can see such progress in the Work. The work will progress in the homes if the members. 
We are striving to teach in the homes of members. When we can teach their friends the work will really increase.
The Standard of Truth cannot be stopped! Haha 

Love you all. 

Elder J. R. Cooper 

7 Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.
8 Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.

-Micah 7

Momma Goose, It was so nice to hear from you again this week and now I am just trying to collect my thoughts. These recent pictures of Elder L and I were taken at the Stake Center in Chorley right next to the temple! One day I will show it to you.

I just wanted to take the time to express gratitude for all that you have done! I received your letter and am so excited to read it! I feel like such a changed young man and you are so right when you talked about the relationship with the Savior. There is no greater time of study and devotion than while you are on a mission. You will not have the opportunity again to fully wear the name of Christ unless you are an apostle! Every second counts!
I love you and I love the lord.
I am doing fine and don't need anything extra just thought I would share a few funny photos! Thank you for your insights about the scriptures and the new members in your ward. 
Love you lots momma bird.
Your young bird flying the nest.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Beautiful Family and Friends! 
I am so thankful for the time you have taken to message me this week and the blessings you share from being with Heavenly Father's Children. Many of which do not know their identity or potential. I have learned many things in the Beautiful British Isles and the main life lesson I now understand is. " You CANNOT change the Weather but You CAN change your attitude!" The way we react in any instances of trial is evidence of our character and the respect and trust we have for Our Father. He knows all and has provided us abilities and strength to endure all things. 
The best part of our week was putting this to the test!
This just changed my heart and mind. Made me a better student. 

Elder L and I would really love to illustrate our gratitude of the work here this past week.
Preparing for transfers we really tried to allow the Blackburn area to be better than we found it and we feel that we have. ****We are STAYING IN BLACKBURN!! ****
One Incredible evidence of Divine timing is a Referral for a Book of Mormon Named S. Her request for The Book of Mormon has been processed and recycled many times on the system as every time we go to visit her house it looks barren. The sisters have tried and we tried again last night with no success so we brought this situation to Heavenly Father. He whispered there was purpose for us being in the area and we followed not fully knowing what would result. After an hour of teaching and serving near her home we tried by again with the same lack of response. Two Hours later on our way home we street contacted into a Young woman and her dog. A young lady by the name of S. She  actually turned out to be a member baptized in another area and she explained her mom wanted to be taught! Our week has been full of little shining moments and Heavenly Father receives it all! We truly love him.
We are working with Many less-actives and really focusing on Loving people enough to come to Church where they will feel welcomed home. Our focus: Be the Testimony.

I have come to know with more surety that Heavenly Father Orchestrates this beloved work this week. Elder L and I have been focused and fulfilling time on a higher level of service and it is so enriching to see what the Lord can do through Young priesthood holders. I feel as though my eyes, heart and mind have been opened as I followed the council that has been given. Upon studying the Special Witnesses of Apostles and " The Living Christ " I have had much time to think about how We/ I represent the Savior Jesus Christ. By walking in his footsteps everyday I have realized that those imprints I follow are not rushed or aggressive but reflect the true Prince of Peace that he is. With so many events and celebrations the Spirit of God really has changed my views of Christlike service. My Vision truly has been lift and I am improving. I find myself frustrated sometimes at my lack of progression in my time and catch myself on focusing on ME and not on HIS TIME. Peace, Prayer and Preparation.

I love hearing about the families back home that are being lifted from living the gospel. If there is anything I can do on the other side of the World please let me know. Heavenly Father and His legions of angels (Your Family who have joined him) they are never too far. 
Be humble be prayerful and be patient. Things will change for the Better:) 
Mosiah 2:41 

Elder J. R. Cooper

7 Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.
8 Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.

-Micah 7

An addition to my email! 
We had two Baptisms we were a part of this past week! 
C from Bolton. I wrote in my Journal Sept 19th 2016 and said "we met C and his mom today. She was baptized when she was 10 and it was a miracle to have met her in the rain. C is a little karate kid and I hope to baptize him someday." Just under a year and that was fulfilled! 

We reunited with Elder A. 
And the sisters serving in Bolton are Sister K and T! 
The second friend is Z! She was found a couple weeks ago by Elder L and I and we thought it best for the sisters to teach her.  She followed Christ and has an incredible story! 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Hello Mom,
I am doing terrifically well today yes indeed!
I read both your letter and Dad's and the Spirit was so powerful. I thought about having been offered the opportunity to represent the ward in Moroni's Quest a couple years ago and the choice I made to leave it behind. I hope just as you that one day I too will have the opportunity to be involved. Can't go back to childhood. So did all these events and reenactments happen one day after another? Did the Youth return home each night? I would imagine so haha. I love the imagery of the events you portrayed, I thank you for the work which you have done. Sacrifice on top of everything you do for work and all.

The British Pageant has come to a close and many tears have been shed from the spirit that bore witness that it was true. I learned something though.... In Nauvoo where Elder S. was serving they perform The British Pageant a couple times a week. I would love the incredible opportunity to bear testimony as a pioneer Missionary singing and dancing away.
I wasn't feeling very good the last performance we attended so Elder L and I didn't go perform at the end we just watched and the perspective changes so much when you watch the performance. I don't know if I like being in the audience or on the stage better... haha! 

Z is actually being taught by the Sister Missionaries and she has asked me to baptize her on the 19th of August. What a Joy, She fits in so well in the ward and is a little crazy with the other sisters but they were already a riotous bunch ;)
They remind me of our Elderly family members always having a laugh.

Because of how busy things were this week there really wasn't anything too crazy happening here.
I had a lot of time to think when I wasn't so well and I thought about the successes we have as missionaries and also seeing friends return home.

I just want to serve. Become stronger Physically, Intellectually and Spiritually. Become is such a key word. What President McReynolds has really taught us is to Become something you must first SEE. Vision and Goals have never been a strength of mine. HELP haha

No, I don't think I would need anything urgently... other than your love and maybe a picture or two of Moroni's Quest!
Love You all loads,
French Toast with Syrup Ice Cream and Fruit!!!!!! I was overjoyed finding good syrup here. 
Life just became so much better.

I Will Miss General Conference Breakfasts but there will always be more:)
All My love to family and friends.
R and T said some very kind words and I would appreciate you thanking them for me. I need to email Elder P soon.

"Week five in the Blackburn area built upon the work of the previous four. We have continued to contact those on the Less active lists and have contacted many who are in great need of help. Heavenly Father truly has placed us in the homes of those who need HIS love at that moment. As I reflect on the past year and a half I I think about the Lords Timing and how key it is. Sometimes we may be early and may have to take a second to prepare and observe and at other times we may need to be very quick to react. In either circumstance this truth is the same, We must remain in tune/focus to his Will and Thoughts. I have experienced many times in previous area where Companions and I have felt a sense of purpose in an area only to realize that someone needed a priesthood blessing or a need was met in someway.
Something I have loved from personal studies this week is learning about asking inspired questions and learning to Listen. Two very fundamental keys to missionary work. Asking a wrong question at a spiritual peak of the lesson may distract or detract from the Spirit. What a lesson to learn.

The Wonderful Spirit that attended the British Pageant brought me to a greater desire for family history and I really look forward to learning more about it in the coming years. These links between the physical mortal world and spirit world are being strengthened by the Authority and Keys on this earth. What a Blessing to be born at this time. It makes me feel incredibly fortunate knowing we have something so precious that was lost from the earth and know the elect are searching for it." 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Friends and Family,
There is sunshine in my soul today and England is beautiful and clear. Last night however was not... very bitter and cold! It just goes to show the "Opposition in all things" includes the weather forecast;)
I have appreciated so dearly to hear from each of you individually through thew course of serving the Lord in the EMM for the past year and I am honored to be in your prayers and thoughts. I have realized something incredibly profound this past week as many celebrations of pioneering and heritage have blessed England. We as Missionaries in The England Manchester Mission were involved in The British Pageant which is a theatrical production of over 600 volunteers which tells the faithful heritage of the British Isles.In recent letters I explained how much my companion and I adored sharing that history and many of our friends were able to attend. We have one more week and then its over... I feel just as I did 2 years ago as I closed performances with friends I may never see again back at The Carriage House Theatre is Cardston Alberta. We have been visited by the Lords Anointed Apostles and they have blessed us. I have felt the prayers of everyone but faith is not Faith without action.... Lets get to work!

My feelings recently are very tender to the gifts that Heavenly Father has blessed his children with. One of which being the ability to distinguish truth....
I would love to tell you about our latest miracle. Z W, We knocked on her door classic missionary story.... forward to the best part. We met her on the Friday and by the next Friday after seeing the performance of The British Pageant she was so moved by the spirit that she hungered and thirsted after the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon and has read it through 1 1/2 times. She bore her simple yet profound testimony of how she came to know the Book of Mormon is true and it moved me to know a simple act could invite the blessings of Heaven. She has chosen to be baptized on the 19th of August and The sisters are so excited to teach her.

*** Simple Invitation: Do not let your lack of exercising your agency to prevent the Growth of Heavenly Fathers Children. Look around you and see your equal and lovev them more than you ever have.
Be willing to forgive.
Remeber to Study the Scriptures and at all times Come What May and Love it!
I bare you my Testimony that a mission is a refiners fire of silliness, sacrifice and saving! It has offered me a greater perspective on my relationships with others and especially Heavenly Father!
Be Kind and Have Courage, The Lord is with YOU each moment of trial and joy.    

I am so proud of my family back in Alberta Canada preparing to bless others and strengthen the Youth with Moronis Quest! I will be praying and am confident that the Saviour will visit all of us in our affliction!


In the recent week i have had two phone calls from two previous areas letting me know that my friends were going to be baptized and I was so excited.
J (Preston) on the 5th and C (Bolton) on the 19th!
Here is a Picture of J and my friends Elder and Sister M!

                            Elder L and I matching!

Elder Cooper and the Blackburn members went to eat at a Buffet in Manchester today and almost ate myself to explode.
Minor Details. Missionary Moments

Monday, 3 July 2017

July 3, 2017

We are emailing quick @ lunch today as the Preston Zone is bidding farewell to our Zone leader and friend Elder K. I will send you pictures next week:) 
We are playing chair football and a lot of other games and just enjoying everyone's company.
The day has been beautiful thus far and we are enjoying the sun. 
From what I hear President and Sister McReynolds are wonderful:) We will get to meet him at Multi-Zone on Wednesday. We missed the Liverpool Fireside last night as we could not organise a lift in time. From what we heard it was a blast and we were sad we were not able to go! 
In very exciting news, BRITISH PAGEANT is coming up in August and we are so excited to share it with the children of God in the Isles. 
We love having the Temple and history so near in our mission! We feel very humbled to be in the cradle of the Restoration. 

It was so nice to hear that you had heard of "Why 1820?" And "The Touch of the Masters Hand" it was incredible to share with Elder P. 
Canada Day!
Mission Farewells Good luck to Elder Henrie! It was so nice to see him in his suit ready to go! 
He looks so much like Jeffery P! Awe Cousins:) 
I love my beautiful family. 
Elder K!!!! No way his sister went home about 6 months ago and haven't heard from her since. I just remember her talking about a brother serving in Canada! 
I love you all very much and will send pictures in the coming week.
Transfers are next week and I would really love to stay in Preston! A lot has changed within the mission and just want to follow the responsible leaders:) 
Nothing has changed with the mission that we know of but we will meet soon. 

Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13