Monday, 3 July 2017

July 3, 2017

We are emailing quick @ lunch today as the Preston Zone is bidding farewell to our Zone leader and friend Elder K. I will send you pictures next week:) 
We are playing chair football and a lot of other games and just enjoying everyone's company.
The day has been beautiful thus far and we are enjoying the sun. 
From what I hear President and Sister McReynolds are wonderful:) We will get to meet him at Multi-Zone on Wednesday. We missed the Liverpool Fireside last night as we could not organise a lift in time. From what we heard it was a blast and we were sad we were not able to go! 
In very exciting news, BRITISH PAGEANT is coming up in August and we are so excited to share it with the children of God in the Isles. 
We love having the Temple and history so near in our mission! We feel very humbled to be in the cradle of the Restoration. 

It was so nice to hear that you had heard of "Why 1820?" And "The Touch of the Masters Hand" it was incredible to share with Elder P. 
Canada Day!
Mission Farewells Good luck to Elder Henrie! It was so nice to see him in his suit ready to go! 
He looks so much like Jeffery P! Awe Cousins:) 
I love my beautiful family. 
Elder K!!!! No way his sister went home about 6 months ago and haven't heard from her since. I just remember her talking about a brother serving in Canada! 
I love you all very much and will send pictures in the coming week.
Transfers are next week and I would really love to stay in Preston! A lot has changed within the mission and just want to follow the responsible leaders:) 
Nothing has changed with the mission that we know of but we will meet soon. 

Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

June 26, 2017

Did I ever mention how my love for you is RIDICULOUSLY DIVINE?
I loved reading your letter this week as it packed with golden nuggets of truth which led me to a lot of thinking. What a beautiful world we live in. 
Although there is times of war we need to be the peace we desire in the world and the only way to truly be that peace is to emulate the Saviour. As we live the Gospel and righteously desire for blessings they will be added upon us. 

Faith is the First Principle 
Obedience is the First Law 
Charity is the First Commandment

Throughout my life I have always held a perspective of "I Can Fix That.." (kind of like HOLES the movie) this has proven very useful as it has given me a desire to be INVOLVED in the lives of others however the hardest lesson is you cannot change someone to suit your desires. You cannot change your family, you cannot change your friends or companion. You will never change the Will of the Lord. You cannot make them do anything you want unless they can feel your love and righteousness. It requires a WILLING HEART from both parties. This is the refiners fire of understanding. We watched a video with J K yesterday when we had tea at a members Home. It was the "Touch of the Masters hand" and we watched it on YouTube! You can find it :) it's from the 80s or 90s
What you said about Leaving a BOY and coming back a MAN is so true. I feel like if it was possible to take out my heart and give it to the Lord I would but there is still a lot I wouldn't want him to have to carry for me. Call it pride but it is something I have battled for a very long time.
I love this work and I testify that only through the Lord can we find ourselves. 
This week is going to be so focused on my relationship with the Saviour and my faith to let him take my soul as I serve him. (don't worry not literally take my soul) 😐 sorry. 
It was hard to hear about Lori's Dad I will definitely pray for the Hart Family. My heart goes out to them:/ I have been thinking a lot about the Plan of Salvation lately and really how firm my testimony of it is. I love that the Temple is the beacon of our world today and that the prophets have responsibility that I could never have.
By the way "Why 1820?" Was a Devotional at BYU (Ricks College) 27th of September 1988 Hyrum W. Smith:) I hope this helps.
Congrats to the Christensen Family. I know he did his best and I heard from his Momma every now and then which was a blessing. The members of the ward have grown in Sheep River! 
Hope the missionaries there are being well taken care of and that you are patiently helping them. Remember we are not perfect and we just need love. If there is an Elder Kretchmann there he is the BROTHER of one of the sister missionaries here. She went home a couple months ago but we used to be in the same district. SMALL WORLD! 
I could go on for days but the bottom line of this is LOVE. 
It was through love the world was created and only through love can we return. 
Elder P and I have learned a lot together and each week we get closer. 
This transfer ends the 11th of July and its going far too fast. 
The slippery slope of the last year has begun and I am keeping it together. 

I love you all muchly! 

Birthday gifts? 
I asked for Dino sours from Mike and Er... 
as ridiculous as it sounds all I really need right now is your love. A letter from each of you would be brilliant.  
Pictures of our beautiful family. If you could send a small picture album that would be golden OR I could send you all my pictures on a USB. I think that is the better plan. 
I need to organize the pictures and then I will send them home. 
Love you loads...share my love with everyone. I am excited to hear about Moroni's quest and also the CHT productions this summer. 
Love love love! 
Hahaha your closing made me almost pee laughing.
I love you like nothing else 
(I closed my letter with Love your Mumsy....who doesn't drink rumsy...stop rhyming I mean....does anyone want a peanut?"  I was a little tired!)
Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

June 19, 2017

What is cooking Good lookin' people? 
Elder Cooper that is who is cooking. The weather for our last week has been above 20 degrees and no wind so it has reminded me very much of The Balmy Arizona:) Today we went to Blackpool as a District in Preston and had Fish and Chips with so many wonderful Elders and Sisters. 
We have had a much better week and are even more united. There is a great power in prayer and especially using and manifesting the Power and Authority of the Priesthood. 
Yesterday we had our Preston Stake Conference and also interviews with President and Sister Ulrich. I love having a mission mom and dad but they will never replace both of my divine Earthly Parents. We had a powerful conversation about knowing you are a successful missionary. It is not in outward immediate success but in the fulfillment of divine covenants. In short, to see your posterity be sealed for eternity! 
President invited and promised me in the name of Jesus Christ that I could memorize my patriarchal blessing in the two weeks before he leaves. What are you willing to do? I love this promise and I actually asked him, " President is that really possible, do you actually promise that?" He smiled and spoke softly....Yes, for this will be your testimony before the Savior. You HAVE  been faithful, I love you!
I have considered this thought the whole day: if (insert your favorite apostle, mine being Jeffery R Holland) was my mission President would I serve differently? If the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ was my mission President would I serve differently? 
This applies to all leadership... 
Although we are saying farewell to President and Sister Ulrich, our true mission President/ Stake President/ Bishop will always be the Savior. To whom is called, and lives righteously, the Lord will qualify! 
We had a wonderful opportunity to bring J K to the Stake Conference and she loved the music and spirit. We met her at our Street Display last week and she is a great believer in Christ! She has met with us twice already, come to church, accepted a baptismal invitation and has a member that wants to have us all for Tea! It's really good right now. 
From three weeks ago you cannot imagine how much my heart has changed. The Christlike attributes we learn each transfer really focus with each companion. This transfer is changing my patterns of teaching and my patience. I know the Atonement is real and I have felt the natural man within me rage while the Holy Ghost soothes my broken heart. It's a really bittersweet feeling but many would explain to be a personal Gethsemane. This transfer has been hard already but we are seeing success! 

I loved your letters and messages. It's nice to hear from all of you and to see the growth from you serving the Lord. 
If you would be known for one thing what would it be? 
What scripture would Display your dependence upon Christ? 
Alma 36:26 expresses missionary work to me. Allowing others to have the richest Gift Heavenly Father could give His children: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Fathers Day is very special and I am glad all fathers were glorified and congratulated on another year of keeping it together (KIT as  Mike Explained... yeah I paid attention to your talk ;) ) 
I love the progress in little Jax! I love that little baby boy and he is a valiant soldier in this army! Even more a General in the Spirit Army! There is a talk that asks "Why 1820?" It was really interesting to read and I invite you to read it as well:)  
Thank you for your thoughts about the atonement and how you are using it. I loved the pictures that were sent, I shared them with the district and they melted. Jax is going to break hearts. 
Grandma Cooper? Ahhhhh you're the most wonderful in the world;) 

Pictures of the beach will come next week. Until then my Loved ones. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND;)💫💥
Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

This PDay is no different from the rest. I am doing all that I can to make my messages home meaningful and still have enough time and patience to enjoy the day with my companion.
"President Ulrich, 
I am so thankful for the transition that has been made in my heart. My feelings were excellently reflected in the words " I’ve never been so discouraged. I’ve never been so full of hope. I feel I could go on forever. I think I’ve come to the end of my rope." Ode to a Mission 
Well these words resonate within me I have been very grateful for the love and support of leadership. In our exchanges this week I have noticed and learned many things. 
Exchange with Elder W and Cooper. We saw the Lord bless this work by its direction and haste. We met a former convert that Elder W had taught and I saw the brilliant joy it brought him to see her (Megan) strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and preparing herself to go and serve the Lord elsewhere in His vineyard.
We found many new friends NEAR THE CHURCH. The Council rings true that people need the Gospel everywhere but the most powerful place to find is near the chapel. We met a wonderful daughter of God ( Julie ) who was having difficulties with a family members health and was struggling to find God. We are giving her some space and praying for her loved ones, but will soon teach the Plan of Salvation!"

Our week was so filled with Joy and I loved every minute.
It has been pretty stressful but I have found a great peace as I have humbled myself in prayer and I have actually felt my burdens be lifted.
This work is real and I love being here.
Janae got all the time this week;)
The adventures never end!

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Monday, 5 June 2017

June 5, 2017

I will have to update you next week but this is my new companion. His name is LUCKY P. and he is from Minila in the Philippines!He is just as Crazy as me and we are getting along very well but the first few days are hard to adjust. 

Elders Cooper and P are united! We have had some struggles trying to adjust but this has been a blessing to be together. I love most about Elder P is the passion he has for people. He used to be a sales manager and has some incredible people skills.

He loves athletics and seeks to be focused on inviting others to Christ. We are going to work on Memorizing D&C 4 and The Standard of Truth this transfer. We want to serve each other and be happy, this work is filled with Joy and we don't want to be hard on each other. 

President Ulrich! 
I have been sharing my thoughts this week in boldness that "There is no bad weather just negative attitudes". Very careful how I have been sharing that I promise. 
This week was full of change. It touched my heart in transfer Meeting as we sang Called to Serve and the spirit was so strong I truly sang glorious harmonies with angels. 
I have been so humbled to spend a year of the Lords precious time working along side you and your radiant companion. You both have been examples to me and I appreciate and feel your bounty of prayers for the Missionaries. 
The work has progressed in the Preston Area and my "Firsts" were very insightful. 
The most crucial thing I pondered this week was how our attitude affects the glory of the Lords work. I have been humbled many times and the works from a missionary power statement come to mind, " If you want to Go Fast go alone, if you want to GO FAR go together". Sometimes we can forget the changes in our lives don't only affect us but the changes can be drastic to others. 
The days have been long and I awaited the sacrament yesterday and there was so many distractions that I didn't feel the sanctification until the few members started bearing their testimonies. We had two friends at church and they had to leave early but I am so thankful that they came to observe AND worship.
It's a privilege to know most of those in the Preston District already but I look forward to obtaining a greater respect and friendship. I am trying with all that I can to change my heart and apply the invitation to repent with greater sincerity. I know there is still more I can do but I am still progressing to see the best in each of those we teach and these missionaries around me. 

Our preparation day activities were a blast! Elder P and I have had a change of heart.... we played basketball and volleyball today and really synchronized. We had a lot of fun and look forward to a very teaching packed week. 
I am so grateful for this transfer and I know there will be many ups and downs but I am starting to see my weaknesses blend with Elder P's strengths.  I am learning so very much from the Master.
I know that all things considered He heals and aids us in our sorrow but I think that just as Joseph Smith it must be our first priority to serve and learn from HIM. Desire and a broken heart and a contrite spirit! 

Momma Bear our flat in Preston is very nice! No you do not need to send cutlery I am just becoming a Filipino;)
Elder D sent me the funniest message I will have to forward it next week.
I love the progress you are making and the plans you have! The work is going so well and there truly is opposition in all things.
I love it here in Preston. I can't think of anything I need. I need to send this package home for all y'all... anything you want me to send?
Life update:
I found a flippin TURTLE!!!
We played Vball and BBall in the Rain and We have weights in our flat and I am trying to gain some muscles ;)

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

May 29, 2017

This week has been an absolute adventure as the time has seemed to speed up. We will miss Elder C as he goes home to France and we will say goodbye to The Elder D and Sister L from the Wrekin District! FUN NEWS MOMMA: I have been called to serve in the Preston District and Elder B has been called to Serve in the Wrekin District as the DL! We crossed paths:) It's bittersweet but we both are excited to see the progress of the Lords work. 
This week we had the wonderful opportunity to play the Guitar for the Wrekin Ward! We had a meal after church with all the church members and Elder D and I played A Child's Prayer on the Guitar! If we are lucky we will record with the Morgan's and send it next week. 
The blessings of this area are so beautiful! I will miss the ward family and the many friends we have challenged to come unto Christ. 
Fun fact - there was a Born Again Christian Conference this weekend and we had a street Display in Telford town square and I met some less active or ex members. So sad to see someone feel like they have lost their faith in modern prophets. 

"President Ulrich,
The week has flown by and I cannot believe that another transfer has passed. 
I think the most important principle I learned this week is self reliance. The work goes forth in faith and if we are not all in we won't desire the success the Lord Requires. 
I learned something from our Ward Conference this last Sunday about total dedication and resilience. Usain Bolt recently announced his retirement from Athletics and when interviewed Responded to the Question "I don't like to lose" Surely the fastest man on earth has the confidence to win any race! However he clarified "MY HEART IS NO LONGER 100% and if I don't give it my all I will Fail/Lose" as I really thought about that I remembered the American Football Video about the Death Crawl. I have made a covenant to not quit on the Lord but also not to quit on my Lord and Savior
I had a discussion with an ex member recently and simply bore testimony of The Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. I was opened to the reality of the Physical and Spiritual danger of not "Practicing your faith 100%". Very soon your spiritual muscles lose their refinement and passive faith takes over. 
If we are not 100% it is not too late. The Atonement has been paid but it requires our will. We cannot have a foot in Zion and Babylon. 
I love this work and I know the adventures ahead will bring blessings and all glory shall be to Heavenly Father. 
I felt sad I wasn't able to fulfill my commitment to the Lord recently but I realized there is a danger in approaching discouragement. It is okay to sorrow for the choices of our friends but to be discouraged is to submit ourselves to the devils power. 
I have become acquainted with the extremes of the Spirit Realms and I continue to learn. It's not a perfect world but we share the Greatest Gift! 

Wrekin B Elder D is excited to be joined by Elder B! It was such a joy to hear that be announced:) He will love the area and people. The Lord has prepared this work and this area has such a brilliant future.  All I can say is I love Elder D and The Families they are working with are so wonderful. 
We invited P H for Baptism JUNE 17th but he brought up his past. We can all be clean through Christ! 
People will not care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Love more worry less!"
I know that there is opposition in this work but anything worth Salvation is worth sacrifice! I really do testify of these things; I have experienced such discouragement but I realized that only feeds Satan's power. It is okay to be sad sometimes but never be discouraged. We know who's side we are on and who our captain is! I love you all!
Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, 22 May 2017

May 22, 2017

Momma Goose,
Thank you so kindly for your email this week!
I love how it was centered on Humility and a little bit of desperation. What a glorious combination.
The Photos I attached are of our service project and the young man is T G a friend from the Wrekin ward.
We went to the park today with our District and Elder D let us use him camera so there are some fun photos. Our friends S and K M.... we love them so much and they are a miracle of faith and tracting. We ended up finding them a month ago and they have come back to church! The blessings of this gospel are so brilliant and we are grateful for the M Family~ they really have adopted us as their own.
My greatest love centers on you glorious sons and daughters of God!
The second family is The A's.  They treat us so well and they are an incredible blessing to have in our ward. At one time P was the Bishop in Italy and I have tried my Italian on him every now and then only to get a laugh ;)!
I love this work the Friends that I have made and the talents I have obtained ( Like eating with my hands... trust me its a talent) are never to be forgotten.
I Love that  Elder D and I are working hard with two families that are coming BACK to church and are working with two families who are interested in the church!
I try with all my might to never compare my efforts to anyone else whether in this mission or in any around the world.
I wanted to share a simple poem from a mission UNKNOWN.

Ode  to  A Mission 
A mission  is  a  strange  experience.  It  is  a  trial  and  a  test.   
A mission  throws  you  at  the  worst,  yet  teaches  you  the  best.   
I’ve  never been  so  happy.    I’ve  never been  so  depressed. 
I’ve  never felt  so  forsaken.   I’ve  never been  so  blessed. 
I’ve  never been  so  confused.    Things  have  never been  so clear.   
I’ve  never felt  my  Heavenly  Father so  distant.  He’s  never been  so  near.   
I’ve  never been  so  discouraged.  I’ve  never been  so  full  of hope. 
I  feel  I  could  go  on  forever.   I  think  I’ve  come  to  the  end  of my  rope. 
I’ve  never had  it  quite  so  easy.   I’ve  never  had  it  so  tough. 
Things  have  never been  so  smooth.   Things  have  never been  so  rough. 
I’ve  never traveled  more  valleys.   I’ve  never  ascended  so many  peaks.   
I’ve  never met  so  many  nice  people.   I’ve  never met  so  many freaks. 
I’ve  never had  so  many  ups.   I’ve  never had  so  many  downs. 
I’ve  never worn  so  many  smiles.  I’ve  never worn  so  many frowns. 
I’ve  never been  so  lonely.   I’ve  never had  so  many  friends.   
Boy,  I  hope  this  is  over  soon.   Wow—I hope  this  never ends

This couldn't explain my feelings more perfectly.
I love the Lord and He is the Master of this work.
Till next time,
Elder Cooperdo