Saturday, 24 December 2016

December 24, 2016

Splendid Friends and Family!
Much love this Christmas from Elders Cooper and K.!
So our week as been so full of Christlike service and sharing the gospel with those who are prepared! We met a man named F the other day on the bus and it turns out he was taught by missionaries in Ghana 30 plus years ago and he still believes in everything he was taught. He never got baptized and so on that bus right there and then I extended the invitation... This new year is a year of change and I know that the greatest change we can ever make is to follow Christ and the example he set. The priesthood power Is restored to the earth and the loving Heavenly Father seeks to bless us if we accept and follow the teachings. 
Something so important to me before and continually through my mission has been prayer. I know we have direct communication with Heavenly Father and he has answered my humble prayers. I know that especially in this Christmas season people are centered on their families and I know that the eternal family around us is missing some of the wayward brothers and sisters. Some have heard the truths of the gospel and many have not, so in the charity of your being seek to help someone else in the Christmas Season and know that the JOY we can all feel is worth far more than the new Iphone. Spending quality time with our families is better but best is sharing the gifts of Christ with those that may have lost members of their families or those that do not see their families often. 
I love you all very much and send my gratitude across the pond!
Elder Cooper and K 
Wrekin England
"President Ulrich,

The week has been full these past couple days and I happily say it's beginning to feel like Christmas! With the distance of home and also the lack of snow the season doesn't seem the same. I was really searching for opportunities to share the gospel each moment and I found ways to simply bear witness of Christ. I have been so happy and motivated to share the gospel especially at this time of year we celebrate his birth. 
The companionship of Elder K and I has become stronger and something powerful happened this morning as we exchanged Priesthood blessings. With the sickness of the season I extended the invitation for Elder K to receive a blessing and he took some convincing but we were able to use our Priesthood mightily. 
As he gave me a blessing I really did connect with Heavenly Father. The blessings given and received are always a powerful witness of our fathers love yet this time seemed unique. Some very pure and foundational things were said and I know it was divine! I definitely came on my mission to better fulfill and magnify my Priesthood office.
I have had such powerful and insightful study the past week and I feel myself continuously getting to know both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 
There is a quote that I love from Boyd K. Packer's Talk Some things every missionary should know, he is actually quoting President Marion G. Romney as his mission in Australia he explains that the mission is the Lord's Mission. This quote explains, "There is one difference(in life) - now I know the Lord", I am so happy to know of my personal relationship with the Godhead! The scriptures are starting to unfold and I am loving the scriptural treasure I am realizing each time I pray and study the scriptures. 
The Christmas Party this week was much needed and I am loving the Christmas season. The food was splendid the whole day was so pure and Christlike I truly enjoyed it. The Temple was magnificent and I had the opportunity to ponder about foundations of Agency, Charity and Faith. I am still striving to learn All I can from the temple and I receive new strengths and answers every time I go. 
The temple heals us. 
The Wrekin area/District is slowly building and I am confident in Heavenly Father's trust in me at this time. I seek to live to his expectations and also the mission rules for I know they will keep us safe. 
I cannot believe we will not be having P-Day for 10 days but I know I will come out the other side in the new year a changed missionary. 
Thank you for extending that invitation to pray for an hour on Christmas, I look forward to reporting back on the miracles! 

I would love to wish you a Merry Christmas To both you and Sister Ulrich President:) May the blessings of Heaven pour upon you. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year!

Elder Cooper 

Monday, 19 December 2016

December 19, 2016

El Grande " President Ulrich, 

I have never prayed so much. The challenges Elder K and myself have overcome are now seeming less like mountains and more like speed bumps. The atonement has been so central to this situation and we could not have come to this point without your help. Your prayers and kind words have softened hearts and allowed us to see the joys of the mission. The focus that Elder K and I are developing is working spiritually smarter. As well as also finding the balance in focused fun. 
Missionary work is meant to bring and develop JOY. That is what the gospel is central on and although it may seem like a fantasy, joy is not always pain-free.  Often it requires of us what we will not and do not want to give up; such as the rich man in Christ's parable regarding salvation and sacrifice.
The Wrekin area is exactly where I need to be and sacrament was such a spiritual meeting for me yesterday. I have never felt the spirit so vibrantly such as that! I was so thankful to meet a ward family that has such potential for missionary work. I think it was a true blessing to leave the friends I loved and start anew in this area. There is a quote that was actually shared by my son Elder A constantly and it is : " There is no progress in a comfort zone and there is NO Comfort in a Progress zone!" That applies exactly to where I am at right now. This opportunity to lead the Wrekin District is not always the most comfortable but it has brought progress to the work. I am thankful for my weaknesses and to have a powerful unity and understanding with Elder K. He is now finding peace in the storm and using the tools given to progress in this work.
We have been working really hard to get to know each other and to strengthen each other’s weaknesses. I have found such compassion and love for him and we have only known each other 6 days. I really am thankful I am able to serve in the Wrekin Area, as I mentioned before it has opened my eyes to the progress I can make in the future.
The work is great and I am loving the Christmas Campaign:) The gospel is centred in family units and I am grateful to be surrounded by the love and kindness of families especially near Christmas. I will miss my family very much but I know who I am and why I am here. Does that mean I am a seasoned missionary yet? 
I know Heavenly Father has such a brilliant plan and I am grateful he accepted someone like me to play a role. The wonderful thing is we all have already made the correct choice to be here on earth. Absolutely all of Heavenly Father’s children knew the plan and I feel blessed to have been born with that knowledge and parentage.
Love you President,
Elder Cooper
Wrekin "

So these last couple days have been a blast!
The first couple days are always difficult adjusting but there have been so many miracles finding and teaching!!!
We have dated two friends for Baptism in the new year ( C and her 11 year old M) They are both Gold! So dynamite:)
We were able to go to a Pizza Hut all you can eat lunch with the more mature Elder and Sister H! They are wonderful they are from Orem and Elder H used to work at BYU! Thursday evening we were able to take our friend S to watch the Testaments with The Wrekin/Telford Area... I absolutely love that film and the spirit is so strong as Christ comes to America and ministers to those in need. I am so humbled to be here in England to minister as the Savior would.
I do not have many photos and I do apologize.
Christmas Dinner with the ward was gold! I love the members and sacrament was very nice yesterday.

Sending my love and very few pictures but its missionary love and that is what matters.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

December 13, 2016

The mission is even more rewarding each day and the love I have for the British Isles is immense. These friends are forever.
Just read Mikes email my goodness!! Uncle Cooper? It happened!!!!!!!! This is the greatest day of life. I am honestly so humbled by this Gospel. I cried at the news... In front of my district. Oh yeah did I forget to mention... I am a DISTRICT LEADER in Wrekin.
News is overflowing. It’s such a glorious time to live and learn of the gospel.

President Ulrich,
With every end comes a new beginning. Leaving Bolton was a very bittersweet experience I will be honest. The laws of God and Nature are united such as Gravity and I will not contend. For when we contend with gravity we are usually falling and that hurts.
The bible dictionary is my new best friend. I have had such great personal studies recently based on many resources and citings in the standard works. I am so grateful for those who cross referenced and studied the fullness of the gospel. Everything is like a puzzle and I am so pleased to be a part and piece of that divine plan.
BD Conversion: "Denotes changing one’s views, in a conscious acceptance of the will of God...(becoming a) purified person--a new creature in Christ Jesus . Complete conversion comes after many trials and much testing"
Favourite scripture
D&C 9:8
Studying out purpose of revelation
Receiving the confidence and love of the Godhead
D&C 10:5
Prayer is the most powerful communication in the eternity. Sorry Apple the Lord trumps this one. The Brilliance of understanding our Heavenly Father has makes me have such hope for those that I will meet and have already encountered. He hears ALL his children's pleas for change and help. Just thinking about it inspires me to learn to prioritise.
A wonderful quote from President Henry B Eyring
"Whatever our age, capacity, church calling, or location we are as one called to the work to help him in his harvest of souls until He comes again"
I cannot wait to progress the work in the Wrekin Area:) I feel so honoured for this opportunity. To know Heavenly Father has the trust in me to be the District Leader is humbling. In preparation as you counselled I have been studying as promised The White Handbook of Blessings and Honour Code. This is the time to change.
Something so inspired was said on my exchange trio with Elder A and Elder D, DL A said "Weaknesses are shown to all on the mission to refine and form our true and loving potential"… just as the atonement is perfect it is also conditional on our willingness to submit to HIS will.
I rejoice at the opportunity to see Elder A become a Trainer and see him in humility being able to listen more closely to the spirit. I am so happy he had the opportunity to train and have the confidence he will have success based upon obedience and diligence. I love him dearly and am thankful this opportunity has been fulfilled. There are many friends progressing to baptism in the close of 2016 and the sunrise of 2017! The work will go forth! I have been asked to baptise our friend K and would love to be able to travel if that is possible for the beginning of January:) That is still some time in the planning and I can't wait to rejoice in others receiving the Truth of the Gospel!
Love you President and Sister Ulrich,
Express my gratitude to your beloved companion for the hospitality in the mission home yesterday :) The meal was so lovely and I felt like it was home in all the best ways. Thank you for being so willing to do the will of the Father and Master.
Elder Cooper"
"Wrekin it up""

This week was really crazy and I cannot express my love for prayer and this call to be DL is so humbling. Most of today's email was President’s letter and I wish to write you more next week.

My mission family tree. (Left: Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Father, me, Son, Grandson)

Monday, 5 December 2016

December 5, 2016

So this email will be efficient and full of all the love and focus I can muster. 
The past week has been full of miracles and I absolutely love the England Manchester Mission…Surprise, surprise!
"President Ulrich:) 
This report seems to be alike to the others. This week was still incredible with many priesthood blessings and finding those that will receive the gospel. 
Elder A.  and myself have seen miracle after miracle as our obedience has improved and we have adjusted to Heavenly Fathers plan. I am so incredibly proud of Elder A.  and all we have achieved in our companionship and we are really just laying the groundwork for our futures. I admire what you said about the mission being the MTC for life as it correlates with a letter I received last week. The trials on a mission are within the protective boundaries of the holy calling. 
Our week was fantastic and I absolutely love the opportunity to invite others to light the world. Every time we watch the church video with our new friends we can always see the change within them. We met J. tracting just moments before a glorious tea appointment. She accepted the Book of Mormon and desired the opportunity to see the baptismal font. Answer to a prayer and we actually received the revelation we were to meet a J. that day. 
Elder A. is progressing so well and he is becoming more obedient each day. I appreciated the interviews this week and I have seen and felt a difference in the unity and respect within our companionship. I feel so much better after being able to talk to you:) 
This week has flown by and I am excited for what's ahead this week. It is always a blessing to write to you and report on the blessings and powers of the priesthood. 
I do apologise as I am having difficulty focusing at the moment. I have managed to sleep more than before and I am very healthy still. " 

Not much to president this week as I am freaking out and did not have time to actually spill my guts in love;) 
I cannot comprehend how other missionaries have time to write everyone... Momma I really am trying to use this golden time:) However, I am surrounded by noise and writing on an iPad with my hippo thumbs is atrocious. 
I don't know how many pictures were sent to you so I will send you what I have. 
I may have to distribute to other family members for size and I love you all so very much. 
So as far as a coat, I have just used a raincoat its scarf and hat. 
I will invest in an actual jacket this coming Christmas season!
Elder A.  is doing well and may be a trainer soon? So it would be 6 generations in the mission lineage!  Z. our RC is still doing really well.  She is actually here with us at the moment. 
Something during sacrament yesterday was that , "have we made room for Christ?"  Stuck out to me and I loved that thought. 
Did you receive the email from Sis. Ulrich? 
If not I will send the photo with President:) they came to our district meeting! We had interviews after and it was so nice to have them close. I even got a new white handbook! Fun fact. 
Love you very much and I am still finding details on Christmas. 

With love and many a biscuit, 
Elder Cooper

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sorry about the lateness of these email updates!  (One day this missionary mama may become techno savvy but it hasn't happened yet!! )Pictures will come shortly!