Tuesday, 28 June 2016



To: Cindy Cooper

( Continuation of June 28/16)
Oh and I double Checked the Scripture... it is Doctrine and Covenants 135.
I have two journals here in the MTC and I am trying to condense my "Large Plates" to some Refined "Small Missionary Plates" that I can share special experiences in :)
I have revolved around the saying: "Always remember who your captain is, who's side you are on, and what battle you are fighting."  The war in heaven never ended and Satan battles day by day to overcome and lure into the hearts of the Children of God. It is Real! Physically , Emotionally and Spiritually Challenging to overwhelm and destroy your spiritual identity.  We prepare talks every Sunday and then the presidency announces who will be speaking in that meeting. It is quite an interesting ploy, to assure you are prepared and not embarrassed do the work and admire the carpets,... hahaha... totally joking!  I prepare every week. It was very interesting the last two weeks to see the range in preparation amongst missionaries. Some you could tell put the work in and truly bore their testimonies; however the latter was very evident. Many did not fully prepare and they were left in a panic... I never want that to happen.
The MTC was mourning this week as people hearts were broken and the spirit was able to heal. Death of loved ones and some going home and coming back was a crazy experience to hear.
I cannot imagine losing you, It would be a indescribable trial to have such loss. Hold those you love close and gain a relationship with your Savior.
"Be converted and gain a love in Christ, Not Just a testimony. Those with a testimony will be at risk of falling away..."- Bednar
He's My Hero!
I love the concentration of such pure and simple doctrine.
Love this Time in the MTC
Love you all at home,
Elder Cooper, 
England MTC
Beautiful People,  (June 28/2016)

Another beautiful P-day, I went to the Preston Temple again this morning and i am loving every minute of being in the MTC. It is hard to think that its already one week away from departure however when i look at my journal and see the events of each day i realize how special this time was too me. 
The First session the missionaries attended in the MTC was last week and President and Sister Preston were the Witness couple. Oh my sweet goodness relationship (Eternal Marriage) goals! They are the two cutest human beings other than Dear Great Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt.  The temple has developed great love and comfort in my heart and I love how it feels like home. It is such a reflective experience attending by yourself, but it is all the more powerful when you have your question answered and your thoughts heard. The Spirit does really testify of life changing things.
I have loved as I have studied the doctrines and character of Christ and have sought for the companionship of the spirit. We watched a devotional given by David A Bednar  around Christmas time in 2013 or 14 and he spoke of seeking the character of Christ. It was so powerfully profound and yet so simple. The Character of Christ is the "turning away from selfishness and turning out ward to god" The Natural man is explained as the Cookie Monster and it's so funny to see a modern apostle make the Cookie monster gospel related. It was honestly one of the best talks I have ever heard and it changed my perspective on missionary work. Christ even in his final days of ministry/mortality never looked inward to pity or seek approval acceptance or glory. He suffered and bled from every pore and when the guard loses his ear, Jesus heals him. He heals his captors out of love, even though he is in the greatest agony. He does missionary work when he is on the cross and he asks forgiveness for all that have crucified!!! He is the Christ the Savior of the world. We watched a second Elder Bednar talk on the spirit , and let me tell you... he is approaching number one on my list of apostles. I love him so much. "It comes down to this: Quit Worrying about it! The spirit will guide you,  be a good boy or good girl and the spirit will be there to guide." I have learned it is not always something profound but the simplest choice of acting first and then realizing the choice you made was inspired. It is not always BEFORE that we realize the prompting, most times it is a remembrance of the great choices we have made.
England is so nice, so green and beautiful here. We keep the windows open in our classroom and I love to see and hear the rain. It does rain alot but that doesn't bother me.   
I opened my letters from each of you and oh my goodness I love you all sooooo much. It means alot to have each of you with me and to feel your love across the ocean. I will do my best to send physical letters, however I am feeling the pressures of my time and best organizing myself. Life is so regemented in the MTC and once I get on the computer I never really know what to say. 
We went on a tour of Preston and it was so cool to be amongst actual people. Humans are a thing, the world actually does exist beyond the walls of the MTC. I love this Gospel So much and I am thankful for the lessons I have learned here in the MTC. Thankful especially to an amazing support system and beautiful family back in Canada. There is so much to say and I just love the mission already and I haven't even done anything yet.
We watched the restoration as an MTC and it was very powerful to see the establishment of the church and feel the love and sacrifice of the Pioneers but especially the Prophet Joseph Smith.
There is a section in Doctrine and Covenants that is so powerful and its like in the 130s I just don't have my scriptures close at the moment.  Search it up and pray about those feelings towards the prophet Joseph Smith.
Love love love it! So grateful for the scriptures in my life and the change they have allowed me to make. They are a promise of happiness and change and I cannot wait to share that with all that will listen. Church is true and I love being a missionary.

* I have learned the power of planning, well I AM learning the Power of Planning....
Planning is a celestial process. Such Divinity is seen in the Plan of Salvation. Small perfected improvements make up Children of God! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Here are some snippets from Elder Cooper's letters from this week.

My Adventures have begun and I am looking forward to writing more emails and letters. 
I may have to start pre writing everything as i have become a message machine however my brain feels like its going to explode. 
I have no pictures to share yet however next week there will be :)
Went to the temple and loved it. Such a blessing to be so close;)
Really missing our studies and i think about you all day, Missionary work is so powerful.
All our discussions in the MTC have been so inspiring and i loved seeing Elder Charles.
I will be better next week ;) we are not perfect. But God can make us perfect servants.
We have made the MSC Missionary Shower Choir !!!!! hahahahha one of the greatest things. 
If i know anything its that he wants us to be happy.
Your elder loves you 
Until Next week
Elder Cooper ENGLAND MTC

Another Beautiful day is half over for me and yet it is just beginning for you. I had the brilliant opportunity to study in the temple this morning. I am always reminded of our special time together each week at the temple and I hope to enjoy the temple in another weeks time. The Preston Temple is absolutely gorgeous and it is such a royal place to be. I truly felt like i was in a kingdom of god. It was very much centered in my mind around the storms and winds of the world, it has stain glass of wind and water and as we sat as an army of missionaries i thought of Helaman 5 :12 It was such a sacred experience today to see the change and FEEL the presence of the spirit so strongly. The day was truly devoted to serving that single child of God who could not come to fulfill the covenants and ordinances to attain progression. I was so humbled to have been the conduit to perform the Lords labors and I know that as I serve that will become a process.
The last couple of days have gone really well in preparing for lessons and getting to know/ feel the impressions from the spirit. . . my companion . . .is such a kindhearted English gent and I feel very privileged to have been blessed as his companion. We have been developing discipline to correctly acquire the spirit and to make the spirit the Senior Companion! 
To quickly address your questions... I will be in the England MTC for three weeks and its crazy to think it has almost been a full week.
I love my companion very much, we have discussed many times the exact plan at hand. We feel very strongly that we compliment the others teaching and we have developed a great way to teach.
. . . I thought i knew how to teach but i was a little unready to have class all day everyday. There was a funny quote that went something like, The mission experience is like drinking water from a fire hydrant, eventually you get some water but it mostly hurts your face... That is the initial teaching process for sure! I could not have said it better myself.
This work really does bring you to your knees. If anything i have learned that God really does know our needs and he perfectly knows our situations. We have been sent to earth to be happy and to experience and overcome pain and suffering. We will have to go through pain to have a glimpse of what our savior experienced and I am so indebted to his love. The Gospel brings families together even as i am away from my own, I have the faith and confidence that my Heavenly Father will bless and protect them and their needs.
I love you all very Much!
Elder Cooper England MTC

I got called as the Lehi District Leader for my 3 weeks at the MTC. So much learning and time devoted to improving others i really really love it. Such a blessing to have confidence in my calling, not gonna lie i was kinda worried but the spirit quickly assured me that it was right! Our first testimony meeting as a district was one of the most spiritual things i have ever been in. As well as my time spent in the temple this morning.
I had an elder wake up at 1030 as we  were going to bed and he was putting his clothes on to start his day. He was so exhausted it was hilarious.
So many funny characters in the MTC and I love both my teachers. I have already learned much about myself and limits.Heavenly Father has expanded my capabilities.
I have the best district and i pray that i can be a fearless leader!

~ Imperfection of a person makes them a human, and imperfect humans are lovable. Imperfection is his glory. We are all imperfect Children of God~ Elder Ravn

Sunday, 19 June 2016

We all took Josh to the airport on Tuesday morning and said our good byes. Cindy and Josh took turns waiting to see which one would break down first as we watched him go through security. Cindy made it til he was out of site but we couldn't see how Josh was doing from our distance. We log into the airline once we got home and followed his flight as he flew over.

We did get an email later in the day saying:

I am safe!!!! I found an awesome human being who let me use his phone. I love you tons and will e-mail you when I can on Pday. I am currently in Washington DC and will talk to you in a couple days. 
Much love till then. 
Your Elder Joshua Cooper

Thanks for angels out there watching over our missionary. We heard from him again once he arrived in Preston to let us know he is safe. He said he loves his MTC President and thinks he is very funny. We also learned that "English Chocolate is love and is right." We are not sure when his PDay will be or what things are like in Preston but we will fill you in as we know. So happy for him and excited for his next two years but sure miss him lots (especially today).

So this is our first post onto Elder Cooper's Blog. I hope to post each Sunday and keep people up to date on how things are going on his mission. If you are interested in emailing him directly feel free at joshua.cooper@myldsmail.net I am not sure how often he will get back to you but I am sure he would love to hear from everyone.