Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 1, 2017

I really do apologize I can't write others .... 
but here is what I wrote home! 

Being blessed to go to the temple was wonderful! 
So powerful to receive answers to prayers and see you! 
I actually had a special moment where I remember me and you in the celestial room and I got to feel so close to you being there today. 
As we drove we sang our hearts out and my voice is mostly gone;) not sorry. It was worth it. 
I saw both Elder A and K today at the temple!! We were inside so we didn't get a picture but it was special:) 
After Temple we went to McDonald's with P and A M ... I don't regret it but it was too much fast food! Haha! I love the friends I have made and glad they keep me smiling. 
As I drove both ways I have no time. 
We got permission to write President but also mommas! 

President Ulrich, 
Surely life was changed today with traveling too, and the sacred experiences in, the temple. In the most simple way of expressing my thoughts I realized many deeper truths to my Blessings from Heavenly Father. Having personal revelation is a priceless gift and I seek to understand more through the spirit this week. I will commit to study PMG Ch4 and live the Christlike attribute of faith this week. 
Faith to find! 
We are working really hard and the majority of our investigators are struggling with the word of wisdom and I am really struggling to connect with them and their struggles. I am acquainted with the Godly sorrow of sin however I really have felt the redeeming love of Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. 
Temple focus number one: We have the divine power to cast off evil and invite light. 
Temple focus number two: Our earthly and Heavenly families depend upon sacred covenants found only within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
As Soon as we see a glimpse of success, there is a real opposition where there wasn't before. 
We learned yesterday that a former investigator whom we had seen for some time only STARTED having issues with the Word of Wisdom when we first mentioned it in a lesson. Since he has stopped meeting with us, that desire to break the word of wisdom is gone and he is clean from any of it. Which led me to think why is our natural state prone to rebellion? I would love to ponder this for a couple days and study upon it. 
Since the majority of our day was travel I must make this short. 

Telford A Elders B and S traveled to the temple with us today and loved it! 
They are setting a foundation for the work in Telford and WANT to have a greater desire for the work. They still get along wonderfully.
They are both so gifted when it comes to the spirit and they teach very powerfully. I have been present to feel the spirit as they teach:) 
We have had some really positive street displays as a result of our District getting on well and people being prepared. 

We saw a miracle through the powers of Children's Hymns. Quick story. Our recent converts daughter, ER invited her friend to church after we sang many fun songs and developed a great relationship. E is on her way to being baptized and all we are waiting on is her father to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. 
The work is going forth and we are fasting and praying for answers to questions about the word of wisdom and also doing all we can to help our friend S to come to church. Atonement and Repentance.

I love you so dearly President and Sister Ulrich. 

Elder Cooper

My greatest desire is for this work. 
We were asked to ponder three questions this weekend in preparation for our Multi Zone meeting tomorrow and they are: 
1. Where are your desires? 
2. What is your motivation? 
3. How Dedicated are you to Heavenly Fathers work? 
Many things to consider... for those at home instead of Heavenly Father's work you could say-> Following Heavenly Father's Plan?

I am trying to give Telford Heaven I promise ;) 

Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

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