Monday, 5 June 2017

June 5, 2017

I will have to update you next week but this is my new companion. His name is LUCKY P. and he is from Minila in the Philippines!He is just as Crazy as me and we are getting along very well but the first few days are hard to adjust. 

Elders Cooper and P are united! We have had some struggles trying to adjust but this has been a blessing to be together. I love most about Elder P is the passion he has for people. He used to be a sales manager and has some incredible people skills.

He loves athletics and seeks to be focused on inviting others to Christ. We are going to work on Memorizing D&C 4 and The Standard of Truth this transfer. We want to serve each other and be happy, this work is filled with Joy and we don't want to be hard on each other. 

President Ulrich! 
I have been sharing my thoughts this week in boldness that "There is no bad weather just negative attitudes". Very careful how I have been sharing that I promise. 
This week was full of change. It touched my heart in transfer Meeting as we sang Called to Serve and the spirit was so strong I truly sang glorious harmonies with angels. 
I have been so humbled to spend a year of the Lords precious time working along side you and your radiant companion. You both have been examples to me and I appreciate and feel your bounty of prayers for the Missionaries. 
The work has progressed in the Preston Area and my "Firsts" were very insightful. 
The most crucial thing I pondered this week was how our attitude affects the glory of the Lords work. I have been humbled many times and the works from a missionary power statement come to mind, " If you want to Go Fast go alone, if you want to GO FAR go together". Sometimes we can forget the changes in our lives don't only affect us but the changes can be drastic to others. 
The days have been long and I awaited the sacrament yesterday and there was so many distractions that I didn't feel the sanctification until the few members started bearing their testimonies. We had two friends at church and they had to leave early but I am so thankful that they came to observe AND worship.
It's a privilege to know most of those in the Preston District already but I look forward to obtaining a greater respect and friendship. I am trying with all that I can to change my heart and apply the invitation to repent with greater sincerity. I know there is still more I can do but I am still progressing to see the best in each of those we teach and these missionaries around me. 

Our preparation day activities were a blast! Elder P and I have had a change of heart.... we played basketball and volleyball today and really synchronized. We had a lot of fun and look forward to a very teaching packed week. 
I am so grateful for this transfer and I know there will be many ups and downs but I am starting to see my weaknesses blend with Elder P's strengths.  I am learning so very much from the Master.
I know that all things considered He heals and aids us in our sorrow but I think that just as Joseph Smith it must be our first priority to serve and learn from HIM. Desire and a broken heart and a contrite spirit! 

Momma Bear our flat in Preston is very nice! No you do not need to send cutlery I am just becoming a Filipino;)
Elder D sent me the funniest message I will have to forward it next week.
I love the progress you are making and the plans you have! The work is going so well and there truly is opposition in all things.
I love it here in Preston. I can't think of anything I need. I need to send this package home for all y'all... anything you want me to send?
Life update:
I found a flippin TURTLE!!!
We played Vball and BBall in the Rain and We have weights in our flat and I am trying to gain some muscles ;)

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