Tuesday, 27 June 2017

June 26, 2017

Did I ever mention how my love for you is RIDICULOUSLY DIVINE?
I loved reading your letter this week as it packed with golden nuggets of truth which led me to a lot of thinking. What a beautiful world we live in. 
Although there is times of war we need to be the peace we desire in the world and the only way to truly be that peace is to emulate the Saviour. As we live the Gospel and righteously desire for blessings they will be added upon us. 

Faith is the First Principle 
Obedience is the First Law 
Charity is the First Commandment

Throughout my life I have always held a perspective of "I Can Fix That.." (kind of like HOLES the movie) this has proven very useful as it has given me a desire to be INVOLVED in the lives of others however the hardest lesson is you cannot change someone to suit your desires. You cannot change your family, you cannot change your friends or companion. You will never change the Will of the Lord. You cannot make them do anything you want unless they can feel your love and righteousness. It requires a WILLING HEART from both parties. This is the refiners fire of understanding. We watched a video with J K yesterday when we had tea at a members Home. It was the "Touch of the Masters hand" and we watched it on YouTube! You can find it :) it's from the 80s or 90s
What you said about Leaving a BOY and coming back a MAN is so true. I feel like if it was possible to take out my heart and give it to the Lord I would but there is still a lot I wouldn't want him to have to carry for me. Call it pride but it is something I have battled for a very long time.
I love this work and I testify that only through the Lord can we find ourselves. 
This week is going to be so focused on my relationship with the Saviour and my faith to let him take my soul as I serve him. (don't worry not literally take my soul) ­čśÉ sorry. 
It was hard to hear about Lori's Dad I will definitely pray for the Hart Family. My heart goes out to them:/ I have been thinking a lot about the Plan of Salvation lately and really how firm my testimony of it is. I love that the Temple is the beacon of our world today and that the prophets have responsibility that I could never have.
By the way "Why 1820?" Was a Devotional at BYU (Ricks College) 27th of September 1988 Hyrum W. Smith:) I hope this helps.
Congrats to the Christensen Family. I know he did his best and I heard from his Momma every now and then which was a blessing. The members of the ward have grown in Sheep River! 
Hope the missionaries there are being well taken care of and that you are patiently helping them. Remember we are not perfect and we just need love. If there is an Elder Kretchmann there he is the BROTHER of one of the sister missionaries here. She went home a couple months ago but we used to be in the same district. SMALL WORLD! 
I could go on for days but the bottom line of this is LOVE. 
It was through love the world was created and only through love can we return. 
Elder P and I have learned a lot together and each week we get closer. 
This transfer ends the 11th of July and its going far too fast. 
The slippery slope of the last year has begun and I am keeping it together. 

I love you all muchly! 

Birthday gifts? 
I asked for Dino sours from Mike and Er... 
as ridiculous as it sounds all I really need right now is your love. A letter from each of you would be brilliant.  
Pictures of our beautiful family. If you could send a small picture album that would be golden OR I could send you all my pictures on a USB. I think that is the better plan. 
I need to organize the pictures and then I will send them home. 
Love you loads...share my love with everyone. I am excited to hear about Moroni's quest and also the CHT productions this summer. 
Love love love! 
Hahaha your closing made me almost pee laughing.
I love you like nothing else 
(I closed my letter with Love your Mumsy....who doesn't drink rumsy...stop rhyming I mean....does anyone want a peanut?"  I was a little tired!)
Elder Cooper
13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
3 Nephi 5:13

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