Tuesday, 13 June 2017

This PDay is no different from the rest. I am doing all that I can to make my messages home meaningful and still have enough time and patience to enjoy the day with my companion.
"President Ulrich, 
I am so thankful for the transition that has been made in my heart. My feelings were excellently reflected in the words " I’ve never been so discouraged. I’ve never been so full of hope. I feel I could go on forever. I think I’ve come to the end of my rope." Ode to a Mission 
Well these words resonate within me I have been very grateful for the love and support of leadership. In our exchanges this week I have noticed and learned many things. 
Exchange with Elder W and Cooper. We saw the Lord bless this work by its direction and haste. We met a former convert that Elder W had taught and I saw the brilliant joy it brought him to see her (Megan) strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and preparing herself to go and serve the Lord elsewhere in His vineyard.
We found many new friends NEAR THE CHURCH. The Council rings true that people need the Gospel everywhere but the most powerful place to find is near the chapel. We met a wonderful daughter of God ( Julie ) who was having difficulties with a family members health and was struggling to find God. We are giving her some space and praying for her loved ones, but will soon teach the Plan of Salvation!"

Our week was so filled with Joy and I loved every minute.
It has been pretty stressful but I have found a great peace as I have humbled myself in prayer and I have actually felt my burdens be lifted.
This work is real and I love being here.
Janae got all the time this week;)
The adventures never end!

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